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Learning Log #12

Throughout the virtual tour with my partner Ayanna we both enjoyed the artwork that we were exploring. We went through different artworks that used materials to create a scene of 3 dimensional models to bring a history back to life. When discussing with my partner it felt like an image within an image that told a story it was really interesting; what also caught our eye was about a brutal execution in the middle east that with using the models in different positions even the shadows that were shown showed a strong message but was intersting. In the end, we did capture some images and talked about how an experience like this made us want to visit the museum in person once everything dies down and we are able to walk around. I did enjoy the virtual tour of this museum as it gave a different learning perspective.

Learning Log #11

This shot was taking in the beginning of when the semester started for homework; I wanted to use this as a fashion from winter to spring. The light I used was natural light but just modified the image to make it look smooth as I didn’t edit it so much but after the edit of brightness and clarity of the image I liked it better. I did enjoy this learning log to learn what and how to make a picture as a magazine as I don’t use Photoshop often but Indesign I did want to challenge myself I would add more text to it but wanted to try out the lesson.

Homework #9

When choosing this photo I wanted to think about the props to use and the way to pose my model in a similar way I could since the artist Raphael drew just a straight line where the neck down is positioned. The lighting isn’t as bright on the face as I wanted but I do like how the photo came out to be.

Learning Log #9

Front lit

Side lit

Silhouette/Back lit

I wanted to shoot the light in different angles coming in so as the natural light hits the side of his face and then the front. I did use a big white poster since the light of the second photo wasn’t coming through as much so with some help I was able to capture the light I wanted; my favorite type of photos are black and white since for me I think it gives a mystery vibe and relaxed color as my model is being shown here.

Learning Log #8

I wanted to add a light hitting the top of the muffin to create a shadow in the back as it does on both pictures shown. The lighting I used was natural light from the window; I didn’t use any modifiers as I wanted to capture the natural light to bring out the texture of the muffin and the colors that the light brings out. I did enjoy this exercise as I got to play around with the different positions as to where to capture the light.

Learning Log #7 Product Composition

When doing this learning log it was exciting using the objects I chose and figuring out what position to do them in the difficult part was finding a good decent enough lighting and white background or close enough white background to use. I did learn something new on using the object and putting a white background fill in Photoshop since my Photoshop skills aren’t great but decent I did find it a fun way to learn to add any background color.

Amaris Marte Learning Log #5

Using the lighting arts I wanted to create light around the model or using it as an object as for the second picture she is holding a fire as it lands on her; the first as the light surrounds him with the city in the background creating like a city of lights. The last would be the different positions he makes that creates a moving image of different shots. The first lighting I used was the long pixel stick as the city background and the swirls of pink and orange lights; while the last ones are the pixel light of orange and creating either an object or swirls.

Midterm Concept- Amaris Marte

My midterm concept is Red Ridding Hood; a modern version but a twist of a girl wears a red coat or a lot of red and walks to where her friend she’s going to meet in the city. As she is walking there is a wolf/ man following her trying to kidnap her he then approaches her and asks innocently for help but as her friend catches up to her she notices this and accompanies her to the bakery where they were going to meet.

Amaris Marte Learning Log #4

3 Point Lighting wit Background light

3 Point Lighting wit Hair light

Butterfly/Clamshell lighting

Edge lighting

By learning the different shots I wanted to implement different lighting by making the model’s seem dramatic with the dark background and to have a side shadow with the 3 point wit hair light. The last one with the red background I used a lighting showing both sides but almost looking neutral.