Learn Log 12

My partner and I decided to view the exhibit When Images Collide. Upon entering the room, (virtually) what I saw immediately struck a chord with me. We were greeted with a wall mixed with portraits and just visually pleasing images. They were very up my alley on the images I personally like to capture so I was excited to look at the rest.

Out of everything I saw, the the art that stood out to me the most was John Stezaker’s collection. The collages he made were really cool, and it actually inspired me a little. Being in quarantine, all I really can do is edit old photos so this is something along the lines of what I’ve been doing, but I was intrigued to try something similar to what Stezaker is doing in his collection. Out of the 10 he had showcased, my favorite is DE / EN Goddess, 2018 Collage, 29,5×23,6cm. I love the idea of titling it Goddess and the imagery that is presented is different that the rest. I love the pattern used in the silhouette.

Overall, I thought this experience was fun and different. I liked how we could get really close to the work because you can’t go pasta  certain point in a real museum or gallery. It was nice, but nothing beats actually going to gallery and viewing work. There’s something about the atmosphere you can’t get virtually.

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