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Learn Log 12

My partner and I decided to view the exhibit When Images Collide. Upon entering the room, (virtually) what I saw immediately struck a chord with me. We were greeted with a wall mixed with portraits and just visually pleasing images. They were very up my alley on the images I personally like to capture so I was excited to look at the rest.

Out of everything I saw, the the art that stood out to me the most was John Stezaker’s collection. The collages he made were really cool, and it actually inspired me a little. Being in quarantine, all I really can do is edit old photos so this is something along the lines of what I’ve been doing, but I was intrigued to try something similar to what Stezaker is doing in his collection. Out of the 10 he had showcased, my favorite is DE / EN Goddess, 2018 Collage, 29,5×23,6cm. I love the idea of titling it Goddess and the imagery that is presented is different that the rest. I love the pattern used in the silhouette.

Overall, I thought this experience was fun and different. I liked how we could get really close to the work because you can’t go pasta  certain point in a real museum or gallery. It was nice, but nothing beats actually going to gallery and viewing work. There’s something about the atmosphere you can’t get virtually.

Learn Log #11

I used a photo from a shoot I did right before the quarantine started. I thought it would be perfect. I went with my favorite magazine dazed and confused. I tried to stick to they’re over all style. Their covers are usually very minimalist. They usually just have the masthead and it’s always either black or white and then the name of the person on the cover plus a little tagline. There are a lot of covers they have with exceptions to this but the reason I like this magazine is because their layout is so simple.

Homework #9

Queen – Queen II (1974)

I knew I wanted to recreate an album cover over an old painting because i resinate more with music so I put my saved songs on shuffle and this was the first album that came up that I thought the cover was doable with what I had at home.

Learn Log #10

With this learning log I loved the way we got to play with it a little differently than our normal stuff. I went over to an abandoned church a couple of blocks away from my house and thought it would be cool to photograph it for this. I broke up the building into sections in my head and shot the photos that way. I wasn’t too worried about getting exactly section by section because I think things in each photo overlapping make the collage more interesting.

Learn Log #9

I managed to get my cat to sit in the window for 20 seconds. I used the soft light from the window that i get from around this time a day. in the last one, I shot somewhat of a silhouette where you can still see slight details of my cat. In the first one, I sorta used the curtain as a board so that whatever light I got coming in would bounce off of it and give the photo a nice even lighting on both sides. Lastly, in the middle one, I tried to get as close as I could with a side light.

learning log #8

Using the light from my window, I shot the bowl of trail mix getting the soft light from this time of day. For the first shot i set the bowl on the bottom right corner just to play around with angles. In the second one i just got a close up of the trail mix and for the last one, I used the wide lens on my phone to get an overhead shot of the bowl

learning log #7

Following the demonstration you gave in class, I set up an object on a table, put my camera on a tripod, and took about 7 shots highlighting different parts of the camera and then I went into photoshop and stitched the photos together pulling what I liked from each individual photo.

Learning Log #6


I used the tops to two white I had in my room for the backdrop and I used a lamp and this hand light I have for when I film stuff at night for the key and fill light. After taking the photo on my phone, I went ahead and brought the photo into photoshop and put a solid white background to give it the looked we talked about in class.

Learn Log #5

for the first image I just used a flashlight and a flashlight with a gel over it to creating this half devil/half angel situation, then for the next photo I played with the gels over the speedlight to change the color fo the subject completely and finally for the last photo I had fun playing around with the pixelstick light to create this is different type of background.

Learn Log #4

this is an example of edge lighting

this is an example of butterfly / clamshell lighting

this is an example of lighting with background light

this is an example of 3 point light with hair light

For these shots I let the lighting determine what my subject’s mood reflected in each photo. For example, in the edge lighting and lighting with background light, I kept things more edgy since the light was harsher. For the butterfly / clamshell lighting I wanted to capture my subject in a lighter mood. Lastly for the 3 point lighting with hair light, I felt the mood was more dramatic so I had my subject mimic that emotion.