Learning Log 12

My partner and I checked out the ” All Art is Photography” exhibition. I enjoy the Virtual tour, it was like going into google maps and getting to your destination. The images above are two things I liked about this exhibition. The first art is from Antonio Perez Rio and the second is from Nick Waplington. This exhibit has a big opening space for many people to come and visit. The main lights where mostly from the art on the walls which create a good focus on the art.

What I found interesting from Antonio Perez Rio’s art was that they all had phones taking a picture of another art. This reminded me of today’s society, we all take pictures of everything in our phones now. Back then to get a good quality picture we needed a good camera like a DSLR or a point and shoot. What I found interesting from Nick Waplington’s art was that he had this light coming from the window and it created art on the wall. He captures this art with a large format camera. They all had some kind of color which made this an interesting photo.

Overall this was a cool experience trying a new way of exploring an exhibition. In my other class, we did something this but we created advertising for a Virtual Museum. Being able to use this virtual tour made me realize how this can be useful.

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