Learning Log #7 Product Composite

this was a really fun learning log, i was able to understand how mask work which is something i have had trouble with in the past. what i really like about this learning log is being able to work with different highlights and pick and choose the best highlights to create the ultimate picture. for my edit i wanted the eyes of the helmet to pop and the high lights to be mostly central to the front, i felt like it gives it a sort of hero vibe. i didnt touch up the smaller details but i did focus on details like the side grill and the brow which had a strong high light. overall a fun and interesting learning log.


One thought on “Learning Log #7 Product Composite

  1. Pete Labrozzi

    Nice job! I’m glad you enjoyed this project and got some extra masking help out of it. Masking is by and far one of the most important tools in Photoshop. We’ll do some more throughout the rest of the semester.


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