learning log #12

for this learning log me and my partner look at the virtual tour for “between art and commerce” what i really like about this exhibit is how each artist focused on simple everyday thing and captured them in fun and unique ways. one that stood out to me in particular was a shot of paper clips put into an almost spherical shape.

me and my partner both agreed that out of the exhibits featured this was the most interesting, although we differed in taste, we both sound we each liked.

this was shot by Bryan Schutmaat, this was done for timex watches they wanted a series of shots throughout America as they were brining back production to the US. this was taken in New Mexico. I really like this shot because i’m a huge fan of rural shots and neon signs, what i really like about this shot is how the neon almost entirely covers the ground; it seems warm and inviting. Schutmaat does a lot of landscape photography and a lot of black and white so this picture really stands out among all his other work.

this was a really interesting and fun experience i know that this is not an entirely new concept as past museums have done it but its always a fun experience, one major gripe i have with this kind of virtual tour is not being able to click on the image and get a full view; for the shot by Bryan Schutmaat i had to go through his website to find the shot. overall a fun and interesting experience

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