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Learning Log #12

The art exhibit that my partner and I chose to look at was All art is Photography. It was a really interesting exhibit. Some of the pictures were in black and white while others were in color. The whole exhibit was very dimly lit with an orange lighting. It gave a nice feel to the art work. One of the pieces that I found interesting was the art done by Antonio Perez Rio.

His art work was about how in this day and age people always have their mobile phones. People use their mobile phones to take pictures of everything and that included people using their phones to take pictures of famous artworks in museums. I really liked this piece because it really says a lot about our society today. Another piece that I found really interesting was the piece called “The Cave”by Nick Waplington.

I found this piece interesting because I interpreted this artwork as some kind of door and how it decorated really beautifully. Like it was talking about the world outside is so beautiful and how people are stuck inside. I wasn’t far off the art was about “how prisoners who have spend their whole life in a cave, are held in chains. All they see of the hustle and bustle of the people in front of the cave are shadows cast by the light of a fire on the back wall” I also found this artwork interesting because of the situation we’re in now and how we are all stuck inside while there is such a beautiful world out there that we can’t see and enjoy.

Homework #9 – Recreate a Photo/Painting

The picture that I chose to recreate is the Poor Lisa 1827 by Orest Kiprensky. I recreated some other ones famous too but I went with this one because it turned out nice and it usually not one of the art works people usually choose when recreating famous paintings. This was really fun.

Learning Log#10

I had fun doing this learning log. I have saw people do some of these type of photography before but I never got to try it so it was nice getting to finally try it out. When I took mine I tried to take some more zoomed in then others and I had my mother move around while I took the pictures.


Side Lit

Front Lit

Back Lit/Silhouette

I had a little trouble doing this since the sunlight today is not as bright as it usually is. But I do think that they turned out pretty nice anyways. It was also fun doing this.

Final Project

I’m going to take picture of flowers for my final project. I love flowers I always taken them in a more playful and fun way. So this time I want to take ones that are more dramatic in tone for the situation we’re in.


In today’s learning log we learned to photograph food. We learned different techniques for working with food photography. I used the lighting from the window next to my dinning room table. I used tin foil for reflecting light. I had fun doing this from my home.

Learning Log #7 Product Composite

I had fun learning and working on this in photoshop. I wanted to use this compositing for this type of work because I really like the red eyes it makes it stand out. Also I like the places that I kept dark it makes it seem more mysteries. I have never done this before in photoshop so this was a new experience and also learning this gave me an idea that I would like to apply to my final.


The product that I chose is a can of Brisk Iced Tea. In this lesson what I learned was how to take pictures of products. How you should set them and how you should and where to shine light on the product to make it pop. The thing I learned most was in photoshop though since I don’t really use photoshop much so I learned a couple of new things.

Learning Log#5

This was a very interesting and fun class. I had a little trouble when we first started since I was not sure when to use the flash and all but figured it out along the way. We got some pretty nice shots along the way. We had a lot of fun with the Pixelstick it was something I have never seen or used before. It was really cool.