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Learning Log#4

3pt lighting with background light

3pt lighting with hair light









Edge Lighting

Butterfly Lighting

Clamshell lighting


In todays class we learned about different types of lighting. Each giving off a different feel to it. I like the 3pt lighting with hair light it came out really nice especially the light that came off the hat. The 3pt lighting with background light also came out really nice. I loved how the lighting in the background made her glow.


Learning Log#3
























This lesson was really fun and I learned something new especially about broad and short. For board the side of the face facing you is lit brighter. While for short the side of the face facing away from you is lit. I find rembrandt and short  to be very dramatic lighting. It gives off a nice feel to it.

Learning Log#2


I had fun taking these photos. For the two skeletons I tried to take It so that the skeleton was in focus while the background is blurred out. For the last picture I tried to make the skeleton blurred out and in the corner in the front while having something in the background more in focus this time. Something like figure to ground.

Learning Log#1

I got these photos I had to change the aperture and shuttler speed each time since the amount of lighting in each location was different. The first photo was taken in the auditorium and the second one was in the hall way next to the auditorium. The shutter speed was hard to get right since most of my photos are kind of blurry.  It was hard getting the lighting just right in the beginning it turned out to dark so I had to change the aperture and the shutter speed.

Daisy Xia: Hw#1–Photographer Blog Post

Krzysztof Browko Germany Landscape Photography

I drawn to this photograph because first it gives me this feeling of calm where I feel like its such a peaceful environment and it also gives off this feeling of wonder. This photo seems like its not of this world like it came from one of those magical movie scenes. The bridge made of stone gives it a old timey feel to it. This photo uses horizon line where the sky and the land is equal parts.