Learning Log #12

My partner and I decided to look over the gallery “All Art is Photography.” The gallery is interesting from the start based on the title. Once you step inside the virtual gallery, there’s a variety of images from the gallery. Some of the pieces show off early eras and current images. However, there’s a twist to them.

For starters, they show off famous paintings from 1700s or 1800s. Some were edited with hands taking photographs with their cell phones. It’s depicting how we, in modern society, take photos in everyday events. Now with phones, we have the habit of taking photos of everything without hesitating.

Overall, the gallery is fun to go through. The Virtual Tour for “All Art is Photography” has display a small view of how we take moments through our phones. The lighting of the gallery can be questionable based on the different tones. The older paintings are shown with warmer lighting while the newer covered with transparency film with the whitest settings. Not sure if it’s to reflect a purpose, but the lighting can have be kept in the same settings.

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