Learning Log #4 – Portrait Lighting 2

3 Point Background

Butterfly Light

Edge Lighting

3 Point Hair Light

In todays class, we learn a second set of portrait lighting. The four are three point lighting with background, butterfly light, edge lighting, and three point hair light. Three point background uses three different lighting, two on the sides and one in the back. Butterfly lighting is having the light over the subject creating a butterfly shadow under the nose. Edge lighting uses two lights on each side to create a highlight edge around the subject. And lastly, three point hair uses one main light and a soft secondary lighting with a reflector or none.

1 thought on “Learning Log #4 – Portrait Lighting 2

  1. Pete Labrozzi

    You have your three point examples switched, the first is using the hair light, as the light is pointing at the back of the model. The last example is the background light, as it’s lighting the paper backdrop behind her.


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