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Learning Log # 5 NSJR

For the top shot we had to use the speedlight multiple times 3 to be exact. We also use the color red for the other 2 times as for the first time we left it as it is with a regular shot. Was really difficult to stay on top of it especially with communication being somewhat of a issue but in the end I got the shot that i needed. As for the second photo the Pixelstick was used into making this photo at first I wasn’t how it would turn out. However I am glad it turned out the way it did.


Learning Log 4 NSJR

Edge Lighting

Butterfly/clamshell lighting


Background Light


3 point lighting with color


For todays lesson I was able to learn I was able to understand how to take better portrait shots better and enjoy doing it as well. As you can see out of all of the photos I took, these are my best out of all of them. The edge was enjoyable because not being on a black or white background we had red. The one that was most enjoyable to take was the 3 point lighting with color.

learning log 3 NSJR






In todays lesson involving Portrait Lighting helped me understand how to do portrait shots with different people and and see what kind of colors can contrast with that person. With each photo i took today involve with and without color in the portraits shots. Personally in my opinion when taking the photos I was able to have a better understanding on how to properly take portrait shots and enjoy doing them. In the end of the day its safe to say that I will be able to take better and more portrait photos more often in the near future.


Learning Log #2 High Key vs Low Key NSJR

The way how I can describe the photos I took today was that I was trying to following a few things like rule of thirds, and how to use balance of light and dark for them. As you can see based of these 2 photos the use of light and dark is used because everything around us involves balance. These 2 phots work well with the negative space because it feels like a drag race in the night. And lastly it feels like when you look at these photos it feels like a late night car show with high and low key lights being involved.

Learning Log #1 NSJR

For to understand the aperture and the shutter speed I needed to take several phots of the different lights for me to understand. I chose these two photos because I feel that they represent light the most. One shows more light and less shadow to show balance light has a more rule. The second one has a more balance of light and shadow and the position that I took the second photo is on the floor lying down to get the picture as best as I could. the way the light use in the Voorhes was greatly a big use for me especially for these two photos.

Homework #1 – Photographer Blog Post Nikolaos SInopoulos Jr

the reason why I was drawn in by this phot by Michael Muller is more than one reason. The first reason would be that the man in red known in Marvel Comics universe named Deadpool who is by far one of my favorite characters in the Marvel Universe. The second reason would be how that even tho the character is fictional the movie title as we can see represents not only the movie itself but also a holiday in Febuary known as Valentines Day were true love is made. The last reason would be how the portrait of the image is designed in a way to present not one but two things that we all known as for a movie as well as a holiday.