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David Hockney Collage

For my Hockney inspired collage, I used a picture of myself from about a year ago. I wanted to put my own twist on a Hockney collage and use just myself and not the background this picture is from. The steps involved in making this collage were to first delete the background of this picture and just leave myself. Then I made a series of squares and created a clipping mask so I would be inside the squares. Then I moved the squares around to create this collage.

Learning Log 12

For this tour, my partner and I decided to “visit” the Between Art and Commerce section of this museum tour. Though many pieces caught my eye, there were a series of black and white photos that caught my attention. They appeared to be a series of abstract pictures created by Hein Gorny. I spent most, if not all of my time trying to figure out what exactly they were, and how he managed to obtain such a composition. The names of the paintings were in German and I was  curious as to what the paintings translated to.

Learning Log 11

For my magazine cover, I decided to go with a PS4 controller and mimic the PlayStation UK Magazine. First what I did was take a picture of my PS4 controller on a white background. Then I took it into photoshop and removed it from the background and found transparent images of the logos on the internet. I then proceeded to make an 8.5 in x 11 in document and place everything in it accordingly. I made the shadow by duplicating the controller, putting a black color overlay on it, made it smaller, and then I put a Gaussian Blur of about 70%.

Final Project Proposal

It has taken me a while to come up with an idea for my final project but I know what I want to do. The last time, we had done product photography and for my final project, that is what I want to do. I want to take pictures of my PS4 along with my PS4 games. I want to do this due to my love for video games, specifically PlayStation

Learning Log #10

The objective of today’s class was to capture three pictures with different forms of lighting: silhouette, front, and side lighting. I feel as though I was successful in capturing these forms of light, even if I did use just my phone instead of a traditional DSLR camera. For my pictures, I took some with the iPhone’s portrait mode on the camera, and the Adobe Lightroom app to get some various effects. I also used a piece of bristol paper to reflect the light for some of my pictures.

Food Photography



For todays class, our focus was on food photography. As the name mentions, we took pictures of food and I decided to stick to fruits. My main focus was to mostly rely on the shutter speed, lighting, and apeture. I took pictures in different locations in my house but the ones that came out the best were the ones in my room.  I used the sunlight as my means of lighting. There is a slight forecast so that help me get some amazing lighting effects.

Learning Log #6

For this assignment, the objective was to create product photography. For my set up, I used two pieces of white Bristol paper, taped them together and posted it up on my TV stand, against my TV. My source of light came from natural light which was the sun. The lighting was not the best since right before I took the picture, there was an overcast as the clouds covered the sun. Still, I believe the photo came out good. I did some slight retouches in Lightroom before taking it into Photoshop. On Photoshop, I cut out the deodorant can using the pen tool, then put a white background. As for the shadow, I created a black oval and put a Gaussian blur on it.

Light Painting

For today’s class, the objective was light painting. Light painting involves a slow shutter speed along with light. Also we used a pixel stick to create images behind us. What we did was set the camera, put it in focus, take the picture and used the speed light to get small bursts of light

Midterm Proposal

For my midterm I want to tell a story of a man rescuing the woman he loves similar to how Mario rescues Princess peach from Bowser. The story is going to involve two drawing mannequins: a male(Marcus) and a female(Joyce). Then out of the blue a giant male drawing mannequin named Brutus comes and starts to act hostile. Then Marcus proceeds to challenge Brutus to a fight, he then loses and Brutus kidnaps Joyce. Then Marcus goes through a training montage to gain the strength necessary to challenge Brutus and rescue his lover. Then Marcus approaches Brutus for round 2, wins the fight and rescues his girlfriend.

Learning Log 4


Butterfly Lighting:

Hair Light:

Edge Light:


Background Light:

For todays class, we learned about different forms of lighting: Butterfly, background, edge, and hair. I was able to do these shots with a high shutter speed, and low ISO. These pictures came out successful especially the hair light.