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Learning log #12

For this assignment Jean and i looked at All Art is photography , Its a great show , we like the concept of what the artist was doing , its like modern meets back then , We also liked the layout of everything that was being shown. It was very welled put together and you could see every art work and understand what is being showed to you. What we didn’t like was the lighting because it was kind of hard to see the work  we don’t know if that’s how they wanted it to be or if it was a mistake. overall it was a good show . The virtual format was good but the lighting might be a problem. it was a good experience but i would rather see it up close that way i could get a better look at it.

This one of the work i saw.


learning log 11# Magazine Cover

For this learning  log we had to create a  magazine cover so i went it my favorite one which is vogue. I chose to take a picture up close focusing on my subjects face. for this picture i used the portrait part of the camera setting on my phone. I also used the flash to brighten up her face. I chose not to put a lot of stuff on the camera just mostly what i want you to know about.

Homework 9

For this homework I recreated jaws . It was a little bit hard but I was able to do it. To recreate it used my stuff people to do and I use my phone and didn’t use any light reflecting tool.

learning log #9

For this learning log we learned about different kind of natural lighting/ window light photography. For one of them I used a sheet of paper as a reflection. For these shots it was kind of hard to do because of the doll that i used as a object but i think that i did okay for know.

Final project

I love styling clothes so for my final shoot I was thinking about doing fashion photography for my final project

I also love shoe was thinking about doing photo shoot with shoes like for a fashion magazine I can’t decide which one I will do

learning log #5


For these photos wanted a cool background I used the speed lights and pixel sticks with a Manuel focus and a shutter speed of 30 or 15 and f13 , iso 100. I didn’t want to the flash light to make the line I just wanted to create a normal picture with just the back ground because I like the background better than the other lights.

learning log#4

Edge lighting 

 Butterfly lighting

3 point lighting with background light

3 point lighting with hair light

For these photoshoots we learned about background lights that you use with 3 different points of light so that you light up the background , There was also 3 point light with hair light , butterfly lighting , Edge lighting . I use 1/200, F 9.0 OR 11 , ISO 100 , these photos came out the way that I wanted.

learning log #2


these photos I followed a rule of thirds and I was using light and shadow . For  the low light I wanted it mostly on her back while the high light I wanted it on her face mostly for the shooting ins the dark it was very hard with Manuel focus I was having a problem with that one so I which to the auto focus I was trying to do what they lady did in the video, I need more work but I had fun shooting these. The dark one is two dark for me these where the only two good one of that one.