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Learning log #9


for this learning, We had to do a David Hockney Inspired Portrait. I decided to take a picture of my stuff animals and put them in a polaroid frame. it was pretty easy putting them in the polaroid frame. However, it was just a little difficult having to put it all together into one collage. but I still managed to make it somewhat good.

Lesson #12

Shallow Learning by Aaron Hegert

Four Seasons from the series Landscape Sublime By Anastasia Samoylova  

For this week’s learning log, My partner and I had to choose an exhibit from the Biennale virtual tour. We ended up choosing the ‘When Image Collide” exhibit. Reading about this exhibition on how people used photograph to form these complex works about the world which got me interested. This exhibit catches most of my attention because of all of the colorful pieces that were there in this exhibit. Most of the photographs were mostly using collage pictures just like how Timm Rautert did for one of his works for the Harper Bazzer. However, two of the artwork in this exhibit that caught my eyes the most were Four seasons by Anastasia Samoylova & Shallow learning By Aaron Hergert. For the Four Season, it caught my attention because of the different colors she has used in her work. Like it said in the description that it seems cheerful and playful which is what I see in her work here. In Hergert’s work for Shallow learning, I really find his work pretty interesting. I really like how he frames the building in his work and as well goes for the picture of the fire I believe it is. Overall, this virtual tour was pretty interesting and new for me. It was pretty fun going around this exhibit without having to be there right during the pandemic. The only situation with this was not being able to see much of the detail on their works. I have to go close on my laptop to see the work or even look it up to get a better look at their work.

Learning Log #10

For this week’s learning log, I decide to use my Nintendo switch lite as my model for my magazine cover. I couldn’t think of any magazine cover I could do but my boyfriend helps me think of one which was Game Informer. I used this flashlight for my lighting including my natural lighting from my room window. I did a little editing in light right cause I notice it was still a bit dark.

Homework #9 Recreating


For my assignment, I decided to recreate the scream painting using my clothes from my closet and random stuff I had around my house. I was able to take a lot of pictures but I ended up choosing this one cause it was the closest I could get and I changed the expression on the hamburger to match the one on the painting on photoshop. I had a bit of fun trying to recreate a painting . However,  I did have some trouble  having to choose the painting I want to recreate since I knew my parents weren’t photogenic like me and It’s the only three of us right now


Learning Log #9

For this week’s learning log, we were learning all about natural light/window lighting. For this learning log, I didn’t have anyone to model so I decide to use one of my Funko Pop that I had for a while. But I did a little editing on my photo in lightroom since one of my photos came out a bit dark for some reason. I had a hard time doing the side lit since the lighting was so bad because I’m staying in my sister’s room at this moment.

Learning Log #8

For this week’s Learning log, we were learning about food photography.  There were ways in order to enhance food photography. Lighting was one to enhance. It’s what I used for this week’s learning log. My lighting was coming from my kitchen window since I wanted to use natural lighting for my photos. I was in an uncomfortable position for me to get these pictures.

Learning Log #7 Product Composite


I had tons of fun doing this week’s learning log. I was able to learn so much more about photoshop than I was before. Like for example masking and the brush because I would get so confused back then. But listening to the recording helps me by making me understand better than before. The reason why I would want to use compositing for this type of work because I made the left vent and the red glowing eyes pop out more when I was editing this on photoshop. I darken both the right vent and the mouth part. I was thinking i could maybe use this for my final project or for any future projects

Lesson Log #6

For my product, I used Victoria’s Secret lotion that I founded while I’m staying at my brother-in-law’s house. I used the sun as my natural lighting. At first, I had trouble picking my product cause when I was trying to edit on photoshop it would just not turning out right at all. I edited the white balance on this picture on Lightroom. Then on photoshop i just added a white background for my photo.

Learning Log #4


  1. 3 point lighting with background light

2. 3 point lighting with hair light

3. Butterfly Lighting


4. Edge Lighting


For this week, We were learning all about 3 point lighting. It was a bit of fun having all of us in the group be the model of the day instead of both me and my groupmate Jason. For these shots, I love how the 3 points lighting with the background lighting was my most successful shot especially since my group and i use the green gel for our background. but this week shooting had to be one of my favorites.

Learning Log #3

For this week we learning about portrait lighting. For this week’s learning log, we were using our group mate as our model of the day. The first photograph I took is Rembrandt lighting and the second photo is split lighting. The last image is a loop. For this week I had a bit of trouble with which lighting is what. I had to ask my groupmate to help me on which lighting I was doing.