#2 Networking Event – Love Hype Productions – 9/18

Located in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn, Love Hype Productions was the site of a great evening. The event was titled “Motion & Graphic Design Meetup!” and was hosted by a cool gentleman named Yosef Alexander. Yosef was beyond personable and was nice enough to take a look at my portfolio before the event began. Since we were a small group in a medium sized room, Yosef was able to create a warm, focused environment. 

The event began around 6:30 pm, with each of us introducing ourselves and why we love design. Aside from being a good ice breaker, we all got to hear the variety of aspirations and career goals. My fellow classmate Zheng, was also in attendance. We both made sure to represent City Tech together. We then watched a few brief snippets from industry experts like Natasha Jen and Michael Bierut. We then segued into some solid discussion regarding design thinking and what it means to us.

After some great discussion, Yosef introduced the main challenge of the evening. The challenge was to conceptualize a possible campaign promoting Brooklyn, that could also potentially be featured throughout the city. We split up into groups and began conversing on what ideas we had in mind. I instantly began sketching out some thumbnail ideas featuring possible logos/wordmarks. As a group, we wanted to empahsize the diversity and often overlooked hospiatlity of Brooklyn.

My sketches featuring the concept of One Brooklyn, promoting borough unity and pride.
A fellow designer and his sketches that merge street signs with cheerful vibes.

After working on this for a good 20 minutes or so, each group then presented their ideas for the campaign. It was cool seeing the variety of graphical solutions, along with the great feedback we gave each other.

Towards the end of the evening, we all took some nice group pics and exchanged contact information. I made sure to especially seek out the host Yosef and get his contact info as well. Yosef plans on us all meeting again sometime in November, with our ideas further developed. Overall, I was throughly satisfied with this event and I plan on attending part 2, along with staying in contact with the individuals I met.

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