#6 Work Culture at Egg

The overall work culture of Egg is very relaxed and casual. This is attributed to the fact that Egg is a smaller, grass roots company. Egg has no dress code, which seems to be quite common in many other graphic design offices, especially in New York. It was ironic because I showed up to the interview slightly overdressed, but I was glad nonetheless that I made a great first impression with my outfit.

The store is ┬ábasically split into three units, which consist of retail, graphics, and logistics. The retail component exists in the front of the store, where the various Egg products are on display and customers are greeted. Directly behind the “showroom”, is the Egg product stock, which can be found in stacked boxes and large tupperware containers.

In the stock section, there are racks where in which upcoming and past Egg clothing samples are hung. I really don’t get to see much of what the logistical office does, but the young ladies working in there are always friendly to me. Their duties seem to consist of the various production and scheduling aspects that are necessary for a clothing company to succeed.

Since Egg isn’t a super rich corporation, there is a great deal of improvisational spirit throughout the office. Perhaps one of the best displays of this, can be found in our clothing photography. Usually a professional photographer would come in take pictures of the clothing to be posted on the site, but lately they have been relying on iPhones. This has become one of my duties and it’s interesting using humble means to achieve decent photography.

What's Really Going On?