#14 Unity Brochure

Neil Trivedi is an ambitious guy and his organization Unity for Equality is no different. Recognizing a need for greater community outreach, Neil devised Unity as direct, no nonsense organization that gets straight to the point of helping people.

One of my recent tasks, was to create a tri-fold brochure that displayed a brief history about Unity, along with a  breakdown of services. Before tackling this assignment, I admit that I felt the pains of “creative block”. Even though I have developed a strong feel for Unity’s identity, it can still be challenging  to come up with a fresh, new execution every time.

After playing around with various concepts, I drew an idea from an unlikely place, Charlie Brown. His sweater’s classic zig zag provided the inspiration for the cover design. Since the Unity color palette is quite reserved, I wanted to create something that used the Unity gold sparingly. 

Once I decided on the cover, I applied the same zig zag, triangular feel to the inside. Laying out the rest of the brochure felt easier and my ideas now began to flow. I also made sure to be conscious of text spacing  and typeface weight variation.  The end product is a clear brochure, with just the right amount of golden flair.

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