#3 Networking Event – Type Director’s Club – 9/22

Founded in 1946, the Type Director’s Club has been a key organization in the world of graphic design for over 70 years. Specializing in typography, the TDC’s mission is to educate, analyze and improve the standards of typography throughout the industry.

Since the TDC is such a prestigious organization, I knew that attending one of their events would be a real privilege. The TDC location was an intimate, minimalist space that functioned both as an art gallery and presentation space. Even though the TDC oozed graphical professionalism, it was highly welcoming, regardless of one’s graphical skill level and reputation.

The panel of speakers was a unique mixture, both age and profession wise. One of my favorite speakers was a lady by the name of Christina Black. Black is the Vice President, Creative Director of Showtime Networks Inc. I felt that her presence was important because her perspectives came from a corporate level, although much of what she said was still understandable for anyone in design.

“We’re always grateful to get that email saying that hey I’m light the next couple weeks”, Black stated in regards to freelancers reaching out. “I think particularly with the younger designers there’s that feeling that oh if I tell them I’m light, that means I’m not doing well, but no we’re always really glad to know when freelancers are really light”. This is especially evident in Black’s field where big time projects require a wide variety of individuals ranging from art directors to studio managers. Freelancers, if bold enough, might just be able to find a spot that benefits them.

Probably one of the biggest points of discussion was how individuals can be passed along through the design world. If one opportunity isn’t available, that employer might be able to refer you to another individual who might have heard of you from a previous employer. ” Even though you’re in a major design market like New York, the graphic design community is only but so big and the educator community is like molecular,” shared Pete Lusch a professor at Leigh University. ” The point is, your reputation proceeds you”. Much like my mother used to tell me, respect goes a far way.

At the end of the Q&A, the audience was able to mingle and speak with the panelists. I was able to snag a brief moment with Prof. Lusch and get some quick portfolio feedback. I also made sure to connect with him on Linked In. Overall, I was throughly satisfied with this event, and it provided me a chance to hear directly from skilled professionals.

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