#5 My First Day – Egg by Susan Lazar – 10/25

After a month of searching for a spot, I finally got a breakthrough thanks to a former classmate, Ilona. Ilona is currently interning with Egg and she spoke very highly of them. By networking with  her, I was able to obtain a small preview of what I might be doing at Egg.

After speaking with Ilona, I soon reached out to Darlene Sullivan, one of Egg  manager’s. Thankfully, I received a prompt response from her along with an interview date. My interview with Darlene went very smooth and I was given a brief tour of the office. Egg is a mid-sized company with a total of eight locations throughout the U.S. , with three of them being in New York (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Southampton).

Egg was founded in 2003 by Susan Lazar, a Philadelphia native that had studied fashion and business. Egg was born from her previous fashion line Susan Lazar, which had received recognition amongst celebrities like Jennifer Aniston. After Susan started a family of her own, she refocused her designs to cater towards children. She sought to create a brand that celebrated the bond between children and their parents. Egg’s primary consumer base is middle to upper middle class parents, usually living in suburban settings.

My first day at Egg began on October 25th and as soon as I came in the door, I was greeted by my new co-worker Abby. The warm greeting was brief, as I was soon sent off to Staples to pick up a completed print job. Knowing to maintain a positive attitude, especially on the first day, I went out dutifully and retrieved the prints.

The rest day flowed seamlessly. I was shown the various tasks and work I would be doing. I also completed my first e-blast, which was something that Ilona mentioned she worked on frequently. Towards the end of the day, I went out again to pick up another print job, this time from a smaller print shop closer to the office. I soon came to enjoy these short errand walks, as walking through Tribeca is usually pretty cool. Overall my first day was a home run and I left feeling accomplished.

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