#16 Unity Newsletter Articles

I admit that during this internship, I was mostly into the design assignments, but writing these articles provided a fun challenge for me. For the January newsletter, I was tasked with writing about MLK Day and the fairly new Fill Your Heart With Art Day. After perusing some of the previous Unity newsletters, I was relieved to confirm that their style fit with mine. Simple graphics with good photography, defined Unity’s previous newsletter publications.

For my MLK article, I decided to use a bold typeface in dark blue. I loved the way this blue contrasted with white background. I also felt that typeface conveyed the a sense of justice, much like what MLK fought for. The content of the article focused on some of the lesser known facts of MLK Day, such as that it wasn’t until 2000 that all 50 states celebrated it. ┬áMany individual states resisted the holiday though strict, stubborn legislation. I also wrote about MLK’s final project, the Poor People’s Movement.

For my next article on Art Day, I knew that my approach would be totally different. The header typeface is very playful, an appropriate choice considering the subject matter. I also made sure that the photographs I used were not only colorful, but very homely and inviting. Since Art Day is a feel good holiday, the imagery reinforces feelings such as unity, love, and friendship.┬áMagazine layouts aren’t my favorite aspect of graphic design, but I understand it’s importance and I definitely want to improve at them.

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