#7 Duties at Egg

So far my primary tasks at Egg have been fairly parallel with my educational pursuits to become a better graphic designer. One of my primary tasks thus far, has been working on e- blasts. An e-blast is essentially a virtual flyer that is distributed via email. These e-blasts can describe any thing ranging from upcoming in store events to discounts to promo codes for special members. Creating these e-blasts are the perfect education for balancing personal creativity with brand guidelines.

In addition to working on e-blasts, I also assist in editing the line plans for Egg. Line plans promote the development and production of future clothing seasons. These line plans also provide guidance through deadlines, along with acting as a preview for investors. Although working on these don’t provide as much room to be creative, they are still an essential component of Egg’s operations.

My latest duty is photographing items to be posted on the Egg website. Even though a pro photographer usually handles this, lately we’ve been taking care of it ourselves. This process may seem slightly low budget, but after a little bit of photoshop retouching, the pictures look great nonetheless.

The process basically requires my iPhone, a whiteboard, desk lamp, and some bubble wrap. My supervisor gave me a basic rundown on how to layout the article of clothing on the board properly. Sometimes I use a steamer to get rid of any potential wrinkles in the garment. Another tactic to avoid wrinkles is the usage of bubble wrap. By inserting small pieces of bubble throughout the garment, it eliminates some of the wrinkles along with providing a sense of depth for the piece.

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