#9 Role at Unity For Equality

One of the primary differences between Unity and Egg besides the obvious, is that I now have the ability to work at home. At the end of a 9 to 5 day, I would often feel like I had really earned my hours/pay. With working at home, it almost feels like I am “cheating”. On the flip side, when I begin to think of the commuting and cold December weather, I quickly begin to appreciate this new opportunity.

Even though Neil was my introduction into Unity, my assignments do not come from him. Within our WhatsApp/Outlook combination of communication, I receive my assignments from a girl named Brandy. Brandy is also a City Tech student, and had completed her hours not so long before I joined Unity. Typically I get a brief message from her, detailing what is required of me graphically. So far I have worked on some business cards and form designs.

Compared to my previous experience at Egg, not only do I have more graphical freedom, but the overall work is more congruent to my graphical style. My portfolio professor during a sit down once referred to me as a “logo/branding guy”. He was able to pinpoint my strengths and how I can build on them.

My style has never been super illustrative, and while I can certainly appreciate those that do produce this type of work, I know that have to stick to my strengths.  So far Unity has been the prefect opportunity for me to not only flex my creative muscles, but to learn to adhere to the standards of an upcoming brand that is still developing an identity.

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