#8 Minor Setback & New Beginning

Towards the middle of November, I was let go from Egg. I felt that I had given my best towards this internship for the few weeks I was there, but I knew from the beginning that I was in an expendable position. Despite feeling disappointed, I still managed to exit the internship in a thankful and cordial fashion.

I was now back to square one, with many hours left to achieve. I felt slightly overwhelmed, but after meeting with Professor Goetz, I was quickly set back on course. Professor Goetz informed me about Unity For Equality, a non-for profit organization based in my native Queens. As soon as I heard Queens, I knew that I wanted to tap in with this opportunity, that seemed to be both gratifying and convenient location wise.

After contacting the chairman and founder, Neil Trivedi, I managed to setup an interview. My previous feelings of disappointment now had faded and I was very happy to be on my way once again. The interview was pretty relaxed, especially since I met Neil at a posh lounge. I was especially relieved to find out that the rest of the people I would be working with were also City Tech interns. I left the interview feeling great and ready to begin the work at hand.

What's Really Going On?