#10 Unity Work Culture

It’s not everyday that an individual gets to play a role in an organization that’s up and coming. Although Unity For Equality has a corporate location, there is no official office as of yet. This allows us to have the freedom as to where in which we complete our assignments. “That’s what’s great about it”, stated Neil Trivedi, the founder. ” You can work at home, Starbucks, wherever. I want this thing to be a flexible as possible”. This flexibility definitely motivates me while I work on my assignments.

When it comes to in person meetings, I usually meet Neil at a local lounge in his native Astoria. These meetings provide us a chance to touch base on various projects along with discussing Unity’s plans for the future. This past week I met with Neil and assisted in developing a company summary pdf for the upcoming website redesign. It felt good being able to receive hands on feedback from Neil as I designed the page. As a designer, I have realized over the years that suggestions and positive criticism are essential for both personal and creative growth.

As grateful as I am for my previous opportunity at Egg, I have definitely been enjoying myself more in regards to the type of work I have been doing. Since Unity has a minimalist identity, I’ve found that I’ve been able to accomplish my assignments with confidence. This the exact style of work that I feel comfortable in delivering for a client.

What's Really Going On?