#12 App Review – Photoshop Express (iOS)

Like with most mobile apps, Photoshop express is a simplified version of it’s bigger brother found on the desktop. The user interface is very simple and flows seamlessly with the other functions of the iOS the platform, such as importing photos from Camera Roll. Users can also login into their Adobe ID, which is a great asset in keeping things organized.

However, I found that some retouching related tasks could be challenging, due to the lack of a mouse. I felt that my fingers were simply too big and lacked the precision that I possessed on the desktop version. This could possibly be alleviated through the use of a stylus, especially on the iPad platform.

Another potential gripe many may have with this app, are the micro transactions. Users having to purchase additional editing packs may turn some people off from the app altogether. Overall, Adobe Express is a solid app, that still can still provide a decent experience, if the user understands that it isn’t the same as the desktop version.

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