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Jazmin Rodriguez – Chapter 13 Summary

Chapter  Summary

Chapter 13 gives an overview of the special events industry. We learn about the various classifications of special events and where future career opportunities can be found. It outlines the skills and abilities required for event management. It identifies the main professional organizations and associations engaged with the special events industry. Finally, it talks about the trends in the special events industry.

Key Words and Concepts

  1. Charity Balls. My example: The Soccer Charity Ball provides new quality soccer balls to kids in poverty-stricken communities around the world.
  2. Conventions. My example: The NBAA 2015 Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition is present representation from over 26,000 aviation contacts. They are in Las Vegas this week, from all around the world.
  3. Coordination. My example: The secret of his success was essential unity of direction and coordination of aims in all branches of his enterprises.
  4. Corporate Events. My example: Annually, Sony hosts a corporate event as part of the reward for staff program, to show gratitude to their employees for their dedication and hard work throughout the year.
  5. Corporate Seminars. My example: Corporate seminars are intended to improve employees wellness, retention and productivity.
  6. Event Planner. My example: As an event planner I must listen to my clients to assess their special event needs, and execute the requirements completely and to their complete satisfaction.
  7. Event Planning. My example: Event planning covers everything from weddings, birthdays, parties, corporate events, celebrity events and special events.
  8. Fairs and festivals. My example: Every year kids can enjoy games, entertainment, food and rides at the New York City Fairs and Festivals for Kids.
  9. International Festival & Events Association (IFEA). My example: IFEA is a not-for-profit association that was founded in 1956, and puts on a yearly international convention and expo for its members.
  10. International Special Events Society (ISES). My example: An ISES membership grants access to a global network of 7000 event professionals, monthly educational and networking events and a platform for professional promotion of yourself and your company.
  11. Meeting Professionals International (MPI). My example: The Meeting Professionals International (MPI) is considered the largest and most vibrant global meeting and event industry association, and was founded in 1972.
  12. Social Functions. My example: He has often attended social functions at which the Clintons were present.
  13. Special Events Industry. My example: The special event industry is forecast to grow because clients want ever more spectacular events.
  14. Trade Shows. My example: Exhibiting at a trade show is an excellent way to find customers to help your business grow.
  15. Weddings and Holiday Parties. My example: Of all social gatherings, weddings are the most widely recognized social event.
  16. Workshops. My example: The Library offers workshops for faculty, students, and other members of the City Tech community.

Jazmin Rodriguez – N.Y. Times Travel Section Assignment

Striving to Make Travel Truly Pet-Friendly

By Charu Suri

The article that I read last week in the New York Times Travel Section was very interesting and informative, especially for those with pets.  In it the author explains what made a college graduate student create a global resource for travelers with pets as she discloses details of an interview with Melissa Halliburton; president and founder of, and author of the book called “Ruff Guide to the United States”.  is a dog travel directory that provides impartial reviews, detailed pet policy information, and online reservations at more than 25,000 pet friendly hotels through a partnership with Travelocity. Information is also available on thousands of bed & breakfasts, vacation rentals, and campgrounds that welcome pets in 150 countries worldwide. The site  offers up to date information on global hotels and beyond.

The idea of creating this directory came from the challenges that Ms. Halliburton had to face while trying to travel with her dogs, and the love that she was born with for animals. In one of Ms. Halliburton experiences she relates how she had to be towed to her best friend’s wedding after she got a flat tire and couldn’t find a pet friendly hotel that she could stay close to her destination.  She makes mention of how many hotel advertise that they are pet friendly when in reality they are not, and how difficult it is for traveler to bring their pets along with them. According to her company they estimate that over 30 percent of pet owners in the US travel regularly with their pets.

She stated that in the hospitality industry many areas needs improvement for travelers with pets; but that the one that needed it the most is the train system.  But that Amtrak is currently testing a pet friendly carriages in four markets and that hopefully this option will expand nationwide.  Finally, she provide some hints to make more comfortable the trip for the pets and the travelers.

In my opinion the advancements made in this area are very comforting for those that have pets and don’t like to travel without them and I am very glad a came across this information as I have friends and relatives that can benefit from it. As per Ms. Halliburton she sees a fast approaching golden age for pet friendly travel.


Jazmin Rodriguez – Chapter 12 Summary

Chapter  Summary

In this chapter we learn about the development of the meetings, conventions, and expositions industry. It talks about how people have gathered to attend them since ancient times, mainly for social, sporting, political, or religious purposes. It lists the major players in the convention industry and the various venues for meetings, conventions, and expositions.  Additionally, it describes the different aspects of being a meeting planner and explains what are associations and what is their purpose.  It also describes what SMERF and MICE stand for. Finally, it lists the primary sources of revenue and expenses involved in holding a meeting, a convention, and an exposition.

Key Words and Concepts

  1. Associations. My example: The American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA) is the sole national association representing all segments of the 1.9 million-employee in the U.S. lodging industry.
  2. Convention. My example: The New York Times Travel Show 2016 will take place at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center on 34th Street from 01/08/206 – 01/10/2016.
  3. Convention and Visitors Bureaus (CVBs). My example: Convention and Visitors Bureaus are each designed to offer location information that is key to planning your next event or trip. Sometimes they also offer special packages that include venues, activities and transportation for your event.
  4. Convention Center. My example: The New York Convention Center also known as the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center is located in downtown New York and on the west side of Manhattan bordering the Hudson River.
  5. Exposition. My example: Everybody was going to the famous Paris Exposition.
  6. Familiarization (FAM) Trip. My example: The new resort in Aruba is going to team up with an airline to offer discount familiarization trips to the resort.
  7. Incentive Market. My example: The Dunkin Donuts VIP card is probably the best incentive market tool use every year to promote new coffee flavors for Dunkin Donuts.
  8. Meeting. My example: Every Monday my director holds a staff meeting to discuss the workflow for the week.
  9. Meeting Planner. My example: As a meeting planner person, I need to specialize in the planning and organization of conventions and other business meetings.
  10. Meeting, Incentive Travel, Conventions, and Exhibitions (MICE). My example: MICE tourism is known for its extensive planning and demanding clientele.
  11. Social, Military, Educational, Religious, and Fraternal Groups (SMERF). My example: SMERF meetings continue to be a group revenue backbone for the numerous destinations that have been courting them for decades.


Noemi Mendez – N. Y. Time Travel Section Assignment

This article “Way to Celebrate Thanksgiving, Old and New” by John L. Dorman published in the travel section of the New York Times talked about how Thanksgiving are celebrate differently in four different states like: New York, Chicago, Atlanta and Los Angeles where families celebrate with old traditions ways and more modern ways on Thanksgiving Day. The first states that the writer mentions in this article was the City of New York. Where New Yorkers loved to celebrate Thanksgiving Day the old fashion way with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade that had been celebrated for 89th years with lineup of balloons and the performers of marching bands. He also mentions that New Yorkers are celebrating Thanksgiving Day with less traditional ways like biking excursion. Another states that the writer mentions is Chicago, where they also celebrate Thanksgivings like New Yorkers with the McDonald’s Thanksgiving Parade where characters balloons and matching bands are performing at the parade. After the parade, people usually love to go out to eat to the Miss Ricky’s Restaurant that provide a meal like Thanksgivings with turkey, mashed potatoes, sausage stuffing and green beans. After the big dinner at the restaurant people love to go to see the Christmas tree at the Millennium Park. The third states that the writer mentions states of Atlanta. Where people celebrate Thanksgiving Day with marathon, shopping and dinner. The last states that the writer mentions is Los Angeles, where people celebrate with marathon race, and the visits to different places like the auto show, the zoo and the botanical gardens. Even thought, Thanksgiving Day is celebrated differently in others states at the end of the day is a family celebrations where you spend quality time with the families that you love and at the end of the day that what really matter.


Noemi Mendez Chapter #13 “Special Events”

This chapter talked about the special events and the process that are involved in the development of special events in the hospitality industry. There are five steps in the event planning process, these steps are research, design, planning, coordination and evaluation. Another topic that was discuss in this chapter are the different kinds of position that are involved in planning an event. Some of these position are event planners, event management, and human resource management. Also the writer talked about the classifications of special events that are corporate, association, charity balls/fundraising, social functions, fairs/festivals, concerts/sporting, and the mega events. In addition the writer discuss the challenges, the skills and abilities that are required to complete the task of special events. To finalize the chapter, the writer talked about the job market and the trends of special events.

Key Words and Concepts:

Charity balls – Example – The charity ball dinner was able to raised one million dollars for children with cancer.

Conventions – Example – The directors of CUNY need to attend every year to local or international conventions.

Coordination– Example: For an event to be successful, it require a lots of coordination in decision making while the event is in process.

Corporate events – Example: Workshop and training meeting are examples of corporate events.

Event planner Example – I need to contract an event planner, when I decide to get marry with my fiancé in church.

Event planning – Example: The event planning is a career path that is growing in the hospitality industry and it is responsible in planning any social events from the beginning of the events to end.

Fairs and festivals – Example: My family love to attend and participate in fair and festivals.

International Festival & Events Association (IFEA) – Example – Is an organizations that provide ideas on how to sponsor a special events and be able to network with other business around the world.

International Special Events Society (ISES) – Example: Is an organization that promote international special events in society.

Meetings Professionals International (MPI) – Example: Are international meeting that empower education development in professionals careers for business to growth.

Social functions – Example: Wedding and engagements parties are examples of social functions.

Special events industry – Example: The event planner need to employs different organization to meet a broad range of services for an event to be successful.

Trade Shows – Example: The agriculture industry love to perform trade shows to promote or introduce their products to society.

Weddings and holiday parties – Example: Wedding and holiday parties are the most popular social events that are perform between families and friends.

Workshops – Example: CUNY love to offer educational workshop to their employees.



Noemi Mendez – N. Y. Time Travel Section Assignment

This article “Economic Fallout of Paris Attacks Hits Hotels Hard” by Doreen Carvajal published in the travel section of the New York Times talked about how terrorist attacks always has a negative impact to the economics of a country after terrorisms occurred. It is so sad, how terrorists decided to end the life of 129 innocents people in Paris, just for patriotist hatred of a country. Like the one that we passed on September 11 with the Twins Towers in city of New York. Where innocents people also died due to terrorisms, affecting the social economist of a country and the families that was left behind. Also the writer specified that Paris is one of the world’s favorite travel destinations for tourists to visits due to be considered the city of love, where romances flout around the city. On the negative side, the writer stated that there was more than 200 planned events cancellations around the city. Some of these cancelations are related with business, government conferences, festival and international tourists. With the continuations of false threat around the city, the hotels occupancy and restaurants rate has decreased by a 40%, the department store sales has decreased by a 50% and the cancellations of wealthy clients has cancelled luxury hotels reservations due to security issues. But, the hotels industry haven’t lost their hope and they are waiting with anxious that the economic boom again because Paris is considered to be an international symbol of love and celebration of life. I also believe that the economic in Paris will flourish again but it will take time like us in the United States. However, the emotional impact that was left to families with the dead of their lovers in the terrorists attack, it’s a scar that will never cured or forget from generation to generation.



Noemi Mendez Chapter #12 “Meetings, Conventions and Expositions”

This chapter talked about the development of the convention in the hospitality industry since the ancient times where people has always attended to meetings, conventions and exposition. Some of these events are associate with different themes that are related with social, sporting, political and religious purpose. Also the writer talked about the destination management, meeting planners, service contractors in which are organizations that provide service and their main focus is to meet the clients needs at the conventions. Another topic that the writer discuss in this chapter is the different types of meetings that are perform at the convention in which are clinic, forum, seminar, symposium, and workshop. He also discuss the different types of associations at the conventions that are trade, professional, medical/scientific, religious and government organizations. To finalize the chapter, the writer talked about the trends in the convention industry in which are more people are attending, some of the international show are limited to show, competiveness has increase, the industry should be more sophisticated and larger conventions are not well attended in the industry.

Key Words and Concepts:

Associations – Example – The New York Bar association is very popular among the bars industry.

Convention – Example – The directors of CUNY need to attend every year to local or international conventions.

Convention Center – Example: The Jacob. K Javits Convention Center is one of the 10 biggest venues in the state of New York.

Convention and Visitors Bureaus (CVB) – Example: Are specialists in an organization that provide services to tourists at specials events.

Exposition Example – The art exposition at Lehman College was a successful event on campus.

Familiarization Trip (FAM) – Example: My father always get the familiarization trip discount when he decide to travel to another country because he work in the airport.

Incentive Market– Example: The USA Company at the end of the year offer to their employees an incentive market reward for those who meet the company goals.

Meeting – Example – All the teachers need to attend a meeting to discuss child development in the classroom.

Meeting Planners – Example: Are independent contractors that work with associations and corporations.

Meetings, incentive travel, convention, and exhibition (MICE) – A group of people that works in different organizations and travel to another countries or states for a convention meeting.

Social, military, educational, religious, and fraternal groups (SMERF) – Example: All the members of the SMERF organizations was able to attend the 2015 convention at the Orlando Resorts.




Christine Delva NYT Summary

RE: French Cuisine in the Steak Country of Omaha

Omaha is known as the land of steak for French cooking at Le Bouillon located in the heart of the Old Market. The Le Bouillon Restaurant was opened in the district in December 2013. Le Bouillon offers a return to the great regional culinary heritage of France. In a lively, airy room that offers tables for groups of any size, Chef Paul Kulik presents his take on the comfort foods of rural France. Sourcing the best ingredients from local producers, set in an open, alluring space, Le Bouillon is sure to fit any occasion. The Old Market restaurant has been operating for more than 40 years. It was oringally fruit and vegetable warehouse that was converted into the Old Market. It was almost shutdown in the 1960, if it was not for Mr. Mercer. The building is now a family business and redecorated to the original look. The Old Market menu varies from many French regions such as: Aquitaine and Basque Country.  In Aquitaine is famous for the goose and duck fat, while Basque is famous for their seafood. These ingredients are located from Nebraska producers and restaurant flies food from the coast. Their beverage program begins with the belief that wine belongs on the table. Their wine list highlights France’s remarkable and moderately priced Vins de Table from magnificent producers in often overlooked areas. The bar hand-selects spirits and aperitifs to combine for a dynamic craft cocktail program. Whether cut from the Volano slicer, shucked from the raw bar, or pulled from the grill, Le Bouillon aims to demonstrate the delicious approachability of French comfort foods.

Christine Delva Chapter 12 Summary

Chapter Summary
The chapter describe how conventions are organized and what kind of people who attend. There are many different group of people known to stay at any hotels. The chapter describe what SMERF and MICE stands for and how the foundation came about. The exposition brings vendors of different department in one environment which they promote their product. When you are from a particular corporation such as: religious, educational or even military groups you have access to special offers. A business must keep in mind their customers satisfaction is the main goal to make the revenue. Convention centers are facilities owned by the government. Any events or meeting are allowed but which it must be properly presented. The destination management company helps with the needs of their guest just like a concierge of a hotel. The chapter also explains all the types of associations and their history within the society.
Key Words & Concepts
1)Association- Co-o-ra Credit Corporation is represented by a special type of association know as People Bank.
2)Convention- Marco was delegate to the Federal Constitution Convention of 1787 and support the New Jersey small state plan.
3)Convention Centers- This year 2015, the annual convention is being held Mazatlán Convention Center, next year it will be in Cancun.
4)Convention and Visitor Bureaus- The convention was reconvened on the 12th of February and the demand of Congress was comply to their satisfaction
5)Exposition- Jack mastery exposition of its method is this most important contribution to scientific progress.
6)Meeting Planner- Angela is the meeting planner for Pepsi Corporation and plan the convention every year down to very minute.
7)SMERF- Quality Inn Convention center is a full house with different participates from social, military, educational, religious or fraternal associations.
8)Meeting- Mr. Green has a meeting twice a month at Atwells Convention center.
9)Incentive Market- Large commission are powerful incentive for sales staff working in a to gain access.
10)MICE- Meetings, incentive travel, conventions and exhibitions is a type of tourism for large groups, a long time in advance for special occasions.
11)Familiarization Trip- My dad does cargo for a living. Since he travel back and forth to Haiti with American airline. He was giving familiarization trip pass to receive free or reduced price trips to anywhere he want. Continue reading