Noemi Mendez – N. Y. Time Travel Section Assignment

This article “Way to Celebrate Thanksgiving, Old and New” by John L. Dorman published in the travel section of the New York Times talked about how Thanksgiving are celebrate differently in four different states like: New York, Chicago, Atlanta and Los Angeles where families celebrate with old traditions ways and more modern ways on Thanksgiving Day. The first states that the writer mentions in this article was the City of New York. Where New Yorkers loved to celebrate Thanksgiving Day the old fashion way with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade that had been celebrated for 89th years with lineup of balloons and the performers of marching bands. He also mentions that New Yorkers are celebrating Thanksgiving Day with less traditional ways like biking excursion. Another states that the writer mentions is Chicago, where they also celebrate Thanksgivings like New Yorkers with the McDonald’s Thanksgiving Parade where characters balloons and matching bands are performing at the parade. After the parade, people usually love to go out to eat to the Miss Ricky’s Restaurant that provide a meal like Thanksgivings with turkey, mashed potatoes, sausage stuffing and green beans. After the big dinner at the restaurant people love to go to see the Christmas tree at the Millennium Park. The third states that the writer mentions states of Atlanta. Where people celebrate Thanksgiving Day with marathon, shopping and dinner. The last states that the writer mentions is Los Angeles, where people celebrate with marathon race, and the visits to different places like the auto show, the zoo and the botanical gardens. Even thought, Thanksgiving Day is celebrated differently in others states at the end of the day is a family celebrations where you spend quality time with the families that you love and at the end of the day that what really matter.


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