Chapter 5 Summary

Chapter 5 Summary
Beverage is a type of drink especially other than water. Chapter five express the understanding and knowing alcoholic beverages. The business industry of Alcohol there is responsibility of serving the proper or correct brand and also ensure the consuming part of it acceptable to the world. Food and Desert goods deserve appropriate alcoholic beverage, you must learn different type of grapes to produce all kind of wines. It gave me clear understanding of these components beer, wines and liquors.

Key Words & Concepts
1)Alcoholic Beverage- At Clubs and Lounges were alcoholic beverages is served, you must be twenty-one and older to be serve the drink.
2)Beer- Beer is chiefly brewed in Poland and the Baltic provinces.
3) Brandy -After Tania long stressful day of work, she poured herself a glass of brandy to calm her nerves.
4) Champagne- There will be an ample supply of champagne for the wedding guest at the reception.
5)Cognac-Uncle Gerald always drew some cognac from the cask into a tin cannkin.
6)Dram Shop Legislation-The government system sales of alcoholic beverage is process for approval thru dram shop legislation.
7)Fermentation- The fermentation process for making beer takes about three to five days.
8)Fining – Joyce Woo the United States Senate more toughen laws on shark fining is unlikely to have much impact in Hong Kong.
9)Fortified Wines- Wines of fresh grapes are part of concept which make the fortified wines.
10)Hops- Rabbits hops, squirrels run and ugly snakes do crawls in the woods.
11)Inventory Controls- You should have good inventory controls so that you know where everything is when you need it at certain time.
12)Liquor- Tom went to liquor store to buy different kind of drink to have the best Christmas party.
13)Malt- The industries alcohloic bevergres consist of brewing, distilling and manufacturenof malt, sugar and starch.
14)Mashing – Brianna was angry from argument with her boyfriend and mashing her face to the pillow while yelling release the angry.
15)Must- The restaurants must be very good and pleasant because it’s always full if people.
16)Nonalcoholic Beverges- Juice boxes, sodas and ciders are nonalcoholic beverages that can be served at teens parties.
17)Prohibition-The importation rare wild animals to USA country is strictly prohibited.
18)Proof- Americans only need showing proof if citizenship in order to visit Mexico.
19)Sparkling Wines-The most well known sparkling wine is Champagne and it come from the champagne wine region of France.
20)-Spirits- Helen love enjoying odd class of wine but never drinks spirits.
21)Vintage- Aunt Sonia made a fantastic six full course meal followed by several glasses of vintage champagne.
22)Wine- In Moldova, the very best wine is pressed and kept in oak barrels for many years.
23) White Spirit- It colorless liquid to obtain petroleum and use as substitute such gin, vodka or rum.
24)Wine and food paring – At events the cocktails hour can have crackers and cheese serve with wine on the side.
25)Wine Tasting- My friends and I went to wine tasting paint gallery to enjoy a ladies night out.
26)Wort- All whisky and beer are process during with component of wort to extracted to produce the perfect alcohol.
27)Yeast- Michael’s wife always sprinkles our popcorn with yeast for added flavor and nutrition.

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