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  1. cecebezou

    Christine Delva
    HMGT 1101 –Perspectives in Hospitality Management
    September 7th, 2015

    “Life is a hole in the heart”; by Ben Hecht. Whether you attack with positive attitude or just let it fly through your hands, either way it is happening. This quoted relates to my life and describe me overall. An empty feeling in my stomach emerged and I knew it wasn’t hunger; at least, not hungry for food. I am hungry for success but was struggling to pursue goals that I made for myself. When I was young, I had many dreams and fantasy of how I wanted to be when I grew up. As I grew older I was still uncertain in which direction or path I wanted to encounter. I am an outgoing person and for me to be scared to strive for success was unbelievable. I knew I wanted to be either Mortician or Sonogram Tech.
    Well as I grew older realizing science was my weakness. Helping people was in my blood and providing service was my strength. Making sure a customer is satisfied gives me joy. I decided to manage private events, cater cook food to people & etc. A friend came to me and said “Why don’t you make this your career”. I was confused at first and a little hesitant. Then I said “Christine, maybe this can fill the hole in your heart, go for it, enrolled into Hospitality Program”. Working retails and nursing home jobs gave me a well round background experience of pleasing customers. Even though, I never work in a hotel or any restaurant. I know I am capable of doing it. I truly believe if you attack something with a positive attitude anything is possible. You will accomplish many things and also make a difference in yourself. Also I do believe in helping others as well. You never know if this person or you and this person could make a difference. Listening to others advice, opinion and critics can benefit you as person as well.
    Two to three years from now I can see myself doing variety of things. I would like to be working or managing a hotel/bed and breakfast in two different countries. Also have a little small event planning business and help my mom pursue a baking school in Haiti. I am eager to open all these ideas don’t know how it going to work but I know I will do a fantastic job at it. I obtain my Associate Degree while I was pregnant with my daughter. After having my precious daughter, thought it was the end of making a change in my life. But I was wrong, if I don’t spread my wings I will not fly. I decided to dedicate my time to focus on my school. I had to arrange my school schedule according to my work schedule, very determine even if it going to be a hard sacrifice. God is good; he will help me become the person I want to be by opening doors. Here I am in you class today.
    Helping people and making people happy fills my heart with unconditional love. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing someone very satisfied with the service you provide. If I do accomplish, these goals will change me as a person. My family is my supporters; my daughter is my future and touching people live will be phenomenal. I am willing to embark on this challenge to become who I believe I can be. By then it will make my heart a whole once I reach my dreams.

  2. gaozhigang

    Zhigang Gao [Gina]
    HMGT 1101 –Perspectives in Hospitality Management
    September 7th, 2015
    My name is Gina, I born in Wuhan City which have a lot famous scenic sports in China. For example, Three Gorges Dan and Yangtze River.
    When I was little I could see different tour guide very often, they wore nice uniform with name plate on it, held guide flag as a symbol, they use speaker to describe the history to the tourism and show them around of Wuhan City. The tour guides so confidence, also beautiful for wore huge knowledge, people behind them listen very careful with respect. Afterward I start having a dream to be a tour guide when I grow up.
    After I graduated from high school, I was so lucky been accepted by Hubei University which is well-known of their travel management. I was so exciting learn everything about travel. At the first year as a freshman, I passed the country wide tour guide exam and got my tour guide license. With this license I could able to find a part time job in a travel agency company while I study in Hubei University. My job gave me so much practice, very useful for my major course. I was really enjoy the four years’ experience. I was working hard, study hard. I also play hard with my salary. I like try different food. When summer break I used to travel to different country, talk with native people, I had so much fun. I graduated from Hubei University in 2010, that day all our classmates got together celebrate, for we would start our real career.
    Same year we start sending resume to our dream company. I am lucky enough hired by the biggest travel agency company named China International Travel Agency Company. This company in capital Beijing. They have 150 tour guides, so many brilliant people among them, I tried my best to be more professional and learn from other tour guide. I liked to listen to everyone in our company when they talk to me, always modest to them, so in the company I only have friends no enemy. After I worked there for years, our boss raised my position from a tour guide to a manager of customer service department. She commented me had patient to solve all the problem, I had 6 years tour guide experience, I knew tourist well. The most important personal strengths I have is always honest and thinking on people’s side, understand them well.
    New position means more income, I use the money to travel around Korea, Vietnam and United States. I enjoyed the food, before I go, I always do research, list all the restaurant or sightseeing I have to go. Then post my experience and picture on blog and Facebook. I was so happy my experience can help my tourist and my friends or other audience.
    I traveled so many Cities, finally I decided stay in New York, the life style here so freedom, 180 different countries immigrations live there, means I can try 180 different food here which make me so exciting. Now I study in New York City of Technology College, my major is hospitality management similar as travel management. Travel and food is my favorite thing, it will give me more passion to study my major. Also offer me more experience, make my study more vivid.

  3. Joe

    Me? a current student from City Tech. People might look at me and wonder, who is that flawless guy?, Well for those who are wondering this is Johandry Veras. I was born in the Dominican Republic (DR) and since my 1st grade I have been recognized and meritorious every year until I got to 8th grade. After 8th grade my mother sent me to a polytechnic institute where I started to find out who I wanted to be or better yet where I truly belong. After having a year in the polytechnic I desired to leave the country and come to New York City for my dreams. I left part of my family, including one of the most important person in my life, my mother, but that was an obstacle that I had to confront and made me wiser.
    Moving to another country and having to learn academically another language did not stop my dream and my passion to be professional. I learned to write, read and speak in less than a year. Being recognized every month in high school as a dedicated student, keeping a GPA average within 3.5-4.0 and also 100% perfect attendance. And of course, I was classified to be in the honor society until I graduated. One of my favorite days in High School was the senior night because I had a certificate in science and two medals one for Honor society and another for perfect attendance.
    I also had a passion to some sports. I almost became black belt in Taekwondo, getting certificates, winning every single fight in 1st place, getting gold medal and trophies made me feel accomplished. I did not continue because I did not have time after I started working and being in school but it doesn’t mean that I will not go back to practice it. I also love running, I got two medals one in 3rd place and another in 1st place in regard to a competition in high school.
    Well my academy goal is to maintain a GPA over 3.5 in college. I am also willing to go up to my PhD. I want to have my Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management, a Master in Business Administration and a PhD in Marketing. I might sound crazy for others but I love school, I like to learn, and be wisdom. I also want to learn French and Italian because I like these languages and I think the more languages you know the easier for you to get a job worldwide.
    I started working in retail a year and a half after I moved to NYC. I started working for Aeropostale where I realized why I wanted to be in college. My manager used to tell me that I was doing great with customer service and that I have the attitude to manage and handle situations. Before a year working there, I got promoted to be the EL (experience leader). Furthermore, at 19 years old, the store manager told me to think about being a manager. OMG! but that moment of excitement only last literally two seconds because she told me that in order to be promoted to a manager position I had to be available any day and any time of the week which in other words, she means to leave school and my dreams. Of course I said I can not accept the offer, and to cut the story short, I ended leaving. Later I worked for DSW and currently I am working for Swatch. Even though I haven’t work in hotels, I have gained a lot of customer and management experience. It might sound crazy, but I had an offer to work at a hotel but I had to refuse it because they needed me to work overnight. The point is that I will do anything in life but not leave school until I am prepared enough to be successful in life.
    I have a lot of goal and options to achieve in term of my career. I want to become a general manager for highly recognized branch of hotels, I would like to work in a cruise, I want and hope to have a restaurant or a hotel in DR. And of course I want to help to find those little gaps that are making hotels not become successful in the industry.
    As everybody I have some strengths. People say that I have a great personality, friendly and disciplined. I also have the strength to manage a team and it is something that I enjoy doing. I am bilingual, ambitious, dedicated, creative, caring, confident, intelligent, focused and observant. I like to be wisdom, patient, and competitive.
    Competition is the key to success and compete is what I like to do. As soon as I get out into the hotel industry, I want to help the hotel branch that I will be working with to be on top and beyond any other. I want to provide a great experience to my guests and engagement into all that the hotel has to offer, because that is what I enjoy doing. My interest is to help business grow and gain experience so that it can lead me into opening my own business. I strongly believe that if you love what you do, you can become successful.

  4. Kunle Kernizan

    Kunle Kernizan
    HMGT 1101

    Personal Profile project
    I was born on March 23rd 1987 at in the Bronx. My father is a chemist and my mother is a teacher who worked in Harlem and in different parts of Ohio. I have on sister who was born in Kansas and a brother who was born in Ohio. I went to elementary school and High School in Ohio and some college. When I was in high school I
    I graduated from the University of Missouri in Sociology but I decided to Hospitality management. My new goal is to learn about the Hospitality industry. I would like to become the General Manager of a hotel or to work at a resort in an emerging market.
    Most of my work experience is in retail or warehouses but I wanted to enter a new field. I felt that the hospitality field was similar to retail because they both involved pleasing customers. I was interested in the hotel industry for several years but never had the chance to enter a program for it.
    I was born in the Bronx New York but my parents moved to Manhattan Kansas for educational purposes. We later moved to the State of Ohio and lived in North Canton and later Cleveland. I started college at Toledo Ohio but my family moved to Kansas City Kansas so after a year a moved to a college in Kansas City. I moved to New York in 2013 with the hope of gaining residence and attending college to retrain in a new profession.
    My career goals now are to enter the Hospitality industry. I would hope to eventually run a resort or hotel somewhere in the Tropics or to work in the Western USA. I want to focus my studies on management and Food/Beverage.

  5. Kunle Kernizan

    Kunle Kernizan

    Eldridge Street Synagogue
    I chose the Eldridge St. Synagogue in the Lower East Side. I think that it is an interesting part of the city’s history. I also found it interesting how it was able to resurrect itself after it closed because the movement of the local Jewish population out of the LES area. It is a museum to this community and its descendants.


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