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chapter 3

Kesso Diallo
Prod Duchamp
Chapter 3 summary

Chapter 3 is mainly about hotels having many goals while working but they usually aim for the customers and the staff employees ; to satisfy them, Hotels have many things such as lobby entrance, parking space for customers who have vehicles . Overall the this chapter focuses on the functions and departments of a hotel.

Application service provider – this helps hotel save time including money

Average daily rate – Ex: my mom has an average of daily revenue for 2500 and has 25 cars available per day the average rate would be $10.

Call accounting systems – every guest that stays in a hotel has a phone in the room and there is no fee , you can call as much as you please. Also the a

Catastrophe plan – insurance just incase anything happens , for ex: renting your house to someone.

Central reservation office – deals with 1800 numbers where you can call to reserve or book a hotel room.

City ledger – can be found in the back of house

Concierge – provides services to customers , for example , how to locate certain things ex: POOL or eating areas .

Confirmed reservations – email received after making a payment to something or signing up .

Cost Centers – review accountants information

Daily Report – how many rooms that were booked and how many were not ; reserved rooms or not .

Employee right to know – salary and/ profits

Executive committee – making decisions and making sure its delivered ,

Global distribution systems – you can book through this system to make sure it is what you want. Availability

Guaranteed reservation – confirming a flight or a hotel room 24 hours before , just in case so you can be guaranteed a space .

Night Auditor – a staff employee who works at night ; front desk .

Occupational safety and health administration – enforces safety rule

Productivity – economic values, average measure of the production .

Property management systems – is the head system that hotels use to gather information on all minor systems in the hotel .

Revenue management – peak; hotels have different prices for seasons

Revenue centers – hotel generate their revenue through sales .

Revenue per available room – an important metric because it provides a quick, simple overview of a company’s top-line operations in a form that incorporates both room rates and occupancy.

Yield management – purchasing a ticket where you know its cheap instead of buying it when everyone is going on vacation a month prior where its more expensive.

Uniformed staff – involved in the same requirements

Room divisions – has many branches under it as well where they work as one to control the function sales.

Room rates – rates that are charged for a hotel room ; the prices change every season .

Room occupancy percentage – when you divide the rooms booked to not booked .