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chapter 3

Kesso Diallo
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Chapter 3 summary

Chapter 3 is mainly about hotels having many goals while working but they usually aim for the customers and the staff employees ; to satisfy them, Hotels have many things such as lobby entrance, parking space for customers who have vehicles . Overall the this chapter focuses on the functions and departments of a hotel.

Application service provider – this helps hotel save time including money

Average daily rate – Ex: my mom has an average of daily revenue for 2500 and has 25 cars available per day the average rate would be $10.

Call accounting systems – every guest that stays in a hotel has a phone in the room and there is no fee , you can call as much as you please. Also the a

Catastrophe plan – insurance just incase anything happens , for ex: renting your house to someone.

Central reservation office – deals with 1800 numbers where you can call to reserve or book a hotel room.

City ledger – can be found in the back of house

Concierge – provides services to customers , for example , how to locate certain things ex: POOL or eating areas .

Confirmed reservations – email received after making a payment to something or signing up .

Cost Centers – review accountants information

Daily Report – how many rooms that were booked and how many were not ; reserved rooms or not .

Employee right to know – salary and/ profits

Executive committee – making decisions and making sure its delivered ,

Global distribution systems – you can book through this system to make sure it is what you want. Availability

Guaranteed reservation – confirming a flight or a hotel room 24 hours before , just in case so you can be guaranteed a space .

Night Auditor – a staff employee who works at night ; front desk .

Occupational safety and health administration – enforces safety rule

Productivity – economic values, average measure of the production .

Property management systems – is the head system that hotels use to gather information on all minor systems in the hotel .

Revenue management – peak; hotels have different prices for seasons

Revenue centers – hotel generate their revenue through sales .

Revenue per available room – an important metric because it provides a quick, simple overview of a company’s top-line operations in a form that incorporates both room rates and occupancy.

Yield management – purchasing a ticket where you know its cheap instead of buying it when everyone is going on vacation a month prior where its more expensive.

Uniformed staff – involved in the same requirements

Room divisions – has many branches under it as well where they work as one to control the function sales.

Room rates – rates that are charged for a hotel room ; the prices change every season .

Room occupancy percentage – when you divide the rooms booked to not booked .

Chapter 2 Summary

Kesso Diallo

Chapter 2 Summary

It’s basically about improved transportation in the hotel industry and how hotels can be classified based on their locations. Also they state how vacation ownerships offer purchasers many opportunities to furnished stay away places. Lately the talk about International perspective; foreign investments .

Capital intensive
– airlines are considered capital intensive .

Fair return on investment
– example you pay $200 for a stock that pays $5 dividend and u sell the stock In one year for $205 , which mean you made a $10 profit .

Feasibility study
– when you start up a company or you know its growing you must do a feasibility study to if the company will gain success

Direct economic impact
– for example you spend all your time making money you make more and you end up spending more than you think . On special holidays people usually earn bonuses and they spend alot of money on companies which helps them grow.

Indirect economic impact
– managers manage all the money that comes in especially making sure it used properly including the salaries earned by workers.

– some companies offer franchising to people who are willing to open the same business as them also they would need to meet certain standards.

Management contract
for example someone earns more and now the person has his or her management contract and gets promoted to handle all responsibilities fully.

Referral Association
My mom has a contract with a franchiser for her restaurant but her best friend who have a deal with a referral association , made a change to another franchiser at a lower price.

Vacation ownership
well my dad travels alot with different airlines so he became a VIP and he earns point for free plane tickets and other bonuses.

Chapter one summary

Corporate philosophy : The core beliefs that drive a company’s basic organizational structure.
– Many business owners implement corporate philosophy within their framework.

Empowerment : The act of giving employees the authority, tools, and information they need to do theirs jobs with greater autonomy
– the business owner can can authorize certain people to have empowerment over others .; Manager

Front of the house : Comprises all areas with which guests come in contact, including the lobby , corridors, elevators , guest rooms, restaurants and bars, meeting rooms and restrooms. Also refers to employees who staff these areas.
– most hotel guest people meet at certain places called the front of the house .

Goal : A specific result to be achieved ; end result of a plan.
– A goal for business owners is to come up with alerting strategies and other programs .

Guest satisfaction : the desired outcome of hospitality services.
– Guest satisfaction is one of the first priority of restaurants .

Heart of the house : The back of the house .
– most hotel room windows are faced at the heart of the house .

Hospitality : The cordial and generous reception of guests .
– the business owner showed excess hospitality and made the guests feel like home .

Inseparability : The interdependence of hospitality services offered.

Intangible : Something that cannot be touched .
– Not everything is intangible ; of the food is not cooked properly it has to be remade .

National restaurant association : The association representing restaurants owners and the restaurant industry.

Perishability: the limited lifetime of hospitality products; for example , last nights vacant hotel room cannot be sold today.

Total quality management : A managerial approach that integrates all of the functions and related processes of a business such they are all aimed at maximizing quest satisfaction through ongoing improvement .

Tourism : travel for recreation or the promotions and arrangement of such travel .

Sustainability : .
the ability to be sustained, supported, upheld, or confirmed

Return of investment : an important financial measure that determines how well management uses business assets to produce profit. It measures the efficiency with which financial resources available to a company are employed by management .

Electronic Profile Assignment

Kesso Diallo 9/16/2015
Hospitality Management

My dream is to become a flight attendant , I love to help people and also travel around the world. I have some experience in hospitality because I’m always generous and kind also ready to help people. My mother owned her own restaurant where I use to help her out sometimes after school. Now I work at a fast food restaurant called Mcdonald’s in brooklyn.
The best academic experience I ever had was my 12th grade english and history class. It was better than any class I ever took in high school. My english teacher was Ms.Bellitti, she made the class so interesting. I am a visual learner so the way she taught the lessons were just so perfect. As for my history teacher he was a cool person and made everyone who disliked the subject in the class actually would end up loving it. He would make us take turns reading aloud and if we didn’t understand he would explain to us until we understood. However I loved how he treated us like we were smart unless we showed him we were not.
During my middle school and high school years I would always set myself academic goals and achieve it. Now that I’m in college as a first year student a couple of my academic goals would be to expand my learning experience with the new teachers I would be meeting. Also I’m aiming to maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher and aim for what I came to college for which is a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management.
Many people intend not to have a career experience because they feel like it will be hard or they’re just not ready. Well I want to become flight attendant and you must be kind and ready to help the passengers on board. I use to work in an optical place where I would help customers when they come in, I greet them and ask if they need help and if they say yes I would always be ready to assist. Also my mom owned a restaurant three years ago and that’s where I got my experience.
Every now and then we come across people who are unhappy with their jobs. sometimes these people don’t take time in thinking about what they actually want to do or pursue in. Well as for me my career goals is to get a job that connects with that I enjoy to do . Secondly finish my college major and start a family. The job that I’m willing to obtain is becoming a flight attendant which has my satisfaction , financial and new experiences I will learn.
Knowing your personal strengths and weaknesses can really help you in deciding the right career to choose and making decisions. Some of my personal strengths are: communicative, helping, patient, energetic, educated, open minded and social/people skill. I use these personal strengths in my everyday life and I enjoy every bit of it . I love to be communicative because I like meeting new people and get to know people and exchange words. Also I enjoy helping people with stuff they need ; giving a helping hand is generosity to me.
Personal interests that enhance my professional attributes is communication skills, professionals image, leadership skills, self motivation, getting slim with people and positive attitude. People have different interest that enhances their attributes and all it takes it having a strong mind and positive attitude .