Chapter 9 Summary

Chapter 9 Summary  

Chapter 9 touch basis on tourism and hospitality which is a broad category of fields within the service industry that includes lodging, event planning, theme parks, transportation, cruise line, and additional fields within the tourism industry. The concept of tourism can analyised by considering some description. Tourism and hospitality need to defined and put into a clear persective for benefit of curriculum developers and more importantly in the hosptiality industry. Also the chapter explain tourism as a short-term of people to destination outside places they live or work to another destination for many purpose.

Key Words & Concepts

1)Business Travel: There is no way Michael can consent to a business travel all the way to Boston especially if his wife can go into labor any day now.

2)Convention and Visitor Bureau: Tourist destination responsible for marketing the destruction brand through travel and tourism by convention and visitor bureau.

3)Cultural Tourism: Cultural tourism was form by movement of person attraction to places of residence to new places and experience to complete cultural needs.

4)Ecotourism: The exotically beautiful jungle of the Amazon is becoming an increasingly popular ecotourism image.

5) Hub and Spoke: Its a way airline serve money and give passengers better route to destination. For example: Delta airline has its own hub Hartsfield Altanta International Airline.

6)Interdepency: Marshall observe that the new electronic interdepence recreates the world in the images of a global villages

7)Load Factor: Load Factor express the amount energy used in time frame compare how much would be use.

8)If a corporation builds a factory, it will emply construction workers and suppliers as well as those working in factory.

9)In 2011, PATA celebrate its 60th anniversary focused around building tourism.

10)Substainable Tourism: The concept of visiting places as tourist and make a positive impact on the environment society and economy form substaniable tourism.

11)Tourism: Rose has very ambitious plans to make this part of our state a major bicycle tourism destination in North American.

12)UNFCO: It contribute to peace and security by promoting international collaboration thought all these aspects to further unversial to respect for justice and law.

13)Vacation: The death of my favorite great aunt made it unable to afford the vacation package to Arbua.

14)Volunteer Tourism: Jasmine join her youth ministry in seven day trip in making a difference in people’s lives through act and volunteer tourism.

15)UNWTO is leading international organizations driven with the enconoimic growth, inclusive development and environmental sustainability offering world wide.

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