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Chapter 5 Summary

Chapter 5 Summary
Beverage is a type of drink especially other than water. Chapter five express the understanding and knowing alcoholic beverages. The business industry of Alcohol there is responsibility of serving the proper or correct brand and also ensure the consuming part of it acceptable to the world. Food and Desert goods deserve appropriate alcoholic beverage, you must learn different type of grapes to produce all kind of wines. It gave me clear understanding of these components beer, wines and liquors.

Key Words & Concepts
1)Alcoholic Beverage- At Clubs and Lounges were alcoholic beverages is served, you must be twenty-one and older to be serve the drink.
2)Beer- Beer is chiefly brewed in Poland and the Baltic provinces.
3) Brandy -After Tania long stressful day of work, she poured herself a glass of brandy to calm her nerves.
4) Champagne- There will be an ample supply of champagne for the wedding guest at the reception.
5)Cognac-Uncle Gerald always drew some cognac from the cask into a tin cannkin.
6)Dram Shop Legislation-The government system sales of alcoholic beverage is process for approval thru dram shop legislation.
7)Fermentation- The fermentation process for making beer takes about three to five days.
8)Fining – Joyce Woo the United States Senate more toughen laws on shark fining is unlikely to have much impact in Hong Kong.
9)Fortified Wines- Wines of fresh grapes are part of concept which make the fortified wines.
10)Hops- Rabbits hops, squirrels run and ugly snakes do crawls in the woods.
11)Inventory Controls- You should have good inventory controls so that you know where everything is when you need it at certain time.
12)Liquor- Tom went to liquor store to buy different kind of drink to have the best Christmas party.
13)Malt- The industries alcohloic bevergres consist of brewing, distilling and manufacturenof malt, sugar and starch.
14)Mashing – Brianna was angry from argument with her boyfriend and mashing her face to the pillow while yelling release the angry.
15)Must- The restaurants must be very good and pleasant because it’s always full if people.
16)Nonalcoholic Beverges- Juice boxes, sodas and ciders are nonalcoholic beverages that can be served at teens parties.
17)Prohibition-The importation rare wild animals to USA country is strictly prohibited.
18)Proof- Americans only need showing proof if citizenship in order to visit Mexico.
19)Sparkling Wines-The most well known sparkling wine is Champagne and it come from the champagne wine region of France.
20)-Spirits- Helen love enjoying odd class of wine but never drinks spirits.
21)Vintage- Aunt Sonia made a fantastic six full course meal followed by several glasses of vintage champagne.
22)Wine- In Moldova, the very best wine is pressed and kept in oak barrels for many years.
23) White Spirit- It colorless liquid to obtain petroleum and use as substitute such gin, vodka or rum.
24)Wine and food paring – At events the cocktails hour can have crackers and cheese serve with wine on the side.
25)Wine Tasting- My friends and I went to wine tasting paint gallery to enjoy a ladies night out.
26)Wort- All whisky and beer are process during with component of wort to extracted to produce the perfect alcohol.
27)Yeast- Michael’s wife always sprinkles our popcorn with yeast for added flavor and nutrition.

Chapter 8 Summary

Chapter 8 Summary
Chapter 8 describes all the service that has to be managed within the hotel industry. Managed services are the practice of day-to-day management responsibilities and functions as a strategic method for improving operations and cutting expenses. Generally the client remains fully accountable for the overall management and control of the organization or system – including the functionality and performance of the managed service. Usually a very wide range of services can be managed in this way, including: HR-activities, production support, computer and IT systems. In the chapter it also explains the food service industry and where they play a major role in places such as airports, healthcare facilities, elementary and secondary schools as well as colleges.
Key Words & Concepts
1) Batch cooking: Sarah removed the last batch of pies from the oven at 4:00p.m. Then at 6:00pm she begins cooking another batch for the evening people.
2) Contractors: I hired the contractor to furnish my apartment and make sure the job was done well.
3) Commercial Food Service: The bark, raisin, and oil of the eucalyptus are of the well know commercial food service products.
4) Daily Rate: the United Nation has a daily rate chart visitors to Norway as the best place to live in the world.
5) Liaison Personnel: The Company’s insurance liaison personnel will work with you and have her employer develop an insurance plan that meets your needs.
6) Managed Services: the United States managed service by making sure our mails or packages are delivered to us in a timely fashion matter.
7) National School Lunch Program: The NSLP served 30.5 million children each day at the cost of 8.7 billion for fiscal year 2007.
8) Nutrition Education Program: the government agencies incorporate nutrients education program such as; let’s move launched by first lady Michelle Obama in February 2010.
9) Self- Operator: Barbers and Beauticians are self- operators in their profession and making sure all aspects of business are well organized.
10) Tray Line: Tray line workers are responsible for reading patient meal tickets and assemble the tray with all appropriate items.

Chapter 9 Summary

Chapter 9 Summary  

Chapter 9 touch basis on tourism and hospitality which is a broad category of fields within the service industry that includes lodging, event planning, theme parks, transportation, cruise line, and additional fields within the tourism industry. The concept of tourism can analyised by considering some description. Tourism and hospitality need to defined and put into a clear persective for benefit of curriculum developers and more importantly in the hosptiality industry. Also the chapter explain tourism as a short-term of people to destination outside places they live or work to another destination for many purpose.

Key Words & Concepts

1)Business Travel: There is no way Michael can consent to a business travel all the way to Boston especially if his wife can go into labor any day now.

2)Convention and Visitor Bureau: Tourist destination responsible for marketing the destruction brand through travel and tourism by convention and visitor bureau.

3)Cultural Tourism: Cultural tourism was form by movement of person attraction to places of residence to new places and experience to complete cultural needs.

4)Ecotourism: The exotically beautiful jungle of the Amazon is becoming an increasingly popular ecotourism image.

5) Hub and Spoke: Its a way airline serve money and give passengers better route to destination. For example: Delta airline has its own hub Hartsfield Altanta International Airline.

6)Interdepency: Marshall observe that the new electronic interdepence recreates the world in the images of a global villages

7)Load Factor: Load Factor express the amount energy used in time frame compare how much would be use.

8)If a corporation builds a factory, it will emply construction workers and suppliers as well as those working in factory.

9)In 2011, PATA celebrate its 60th anniversary focused around building tourism.

10)Substainable Tourism: The concept of visiting places as tourist and make a positive impact on the environment society and economy form substaniable tourism.

11)Tourism: Rose has very ambitious plans to make this part of our state a major bicycle tourism destination in North American.

12)UNFCO: It contribute to peace and security by promoting international collaboration thought all these aspects to further unversial to respect for justice and law.

13)Vacation: The death of my favorite great aunt made it unable to afford the vacation package to Arbua.

14)Volunteer Tourism: Jasmine join her youth ministry in seven day trip in making a difference in people’s lives through act and volunteer tourism.

15)UNWTO is leading international organizations driven with the enconoimic growth, inclusive development and environmental sustainability offering world wide.

Christine Delva Chapter 13 Summary

Chapter Summary-

Chapter thirteen illustrate all the aspect that should or need to be done in special events. In the industry special events plays a major part and stands for an image. It also explains and express roles are played in these events planning. The world needs more professional events planners and managers and their process to planning events to make a difference in the industry. It provides you as the customer information, ideas and direction you can use in planning events and how to go about it. In the chapter also show many different organization that’s specializes in specific events.

Key Words & Concepts

  1. Charity Balls– After Haiti tragetic earthquake many groups and organization gather as one to have a charity ball to help the country.
  2. Conventions-The conference center has been booked for a huge trade convention next March in the Downtown Hotel.
  3. Coordination– The Red Cross is trying to coordinate relief efforts aimed at aiding the victims of Sunday’s earthquake.
  4. Corporate Seminars– Billy works for a large multinational corporation which deals in computer technology. Our hockey team is looking for a corporate seminar to sponsor and help us make the payment of costs.
  5. Corporate Events-In 1976, the Lockheed Aircraft Corporation admitted it had bribed senior government officials in the Netherlands, Japan, Sweden and Italy.
  6. Event Planner -The Boston Marathon is the world’s oldest annual marathon and ranks as one of the world’s most prestigious road racing events. The Boston Athletic Association manages this American classic, which is sponsored by John Hancock Financial Services.
  7. Event Planning-Significant life event planning for special occasion can introduce a great deal of stress into a person’s life.
  8. Fair and Festivals– During the Classical period of ancient Greece, women went outside the house mainly for religious purposes or to attend fair and festivals which were restricted to women.
  9. International Special Events Society-The Charity chosen for our December 3rd, 2015 ISES event will be the “The Hope Warming Center” located in Pontiac Michigan were you come jingle and mingle.
  10. International Festival & Events Association– It founded in 1956 as the Festival Manager’s Association, the International Festivals & Events Association (IFEA) today is the Premiere Professionals Worldwide and has partnership with global affiliates under the umbrellas of IFEA Africa, IFEA Asia, IFEA Australia / New Zealand, IFEA Europe, IFEA Latin America, IFEA Middle East, and IFEA North America, the organization’s common vision is for “A Globally United Industry”.
  11. Meeting Professional International-By 1972, the organization provides innovative and relevant education, networking opportunities and business exchanges, and acts as a prominent voice for the promotion and growth of the industry which it is known as MPI. It was the largest and most vibrant global meeting group.
  12. Social Function– James has often attended social functions at which the Clintons were present, which led them to be guests at his last wedding in 2005.
  13. Special Events Industry-An event can be defined as any public gathering of people for a purpose. The events industry can be divided into three main sectors, based along content lines such as: sports, meeting/conference or culinary arts
  14. Trade Show– Our firm had prepared long and hard for the trade show, and we were fully confident our showing would be making headlines the next day.
  15. Wedding and Holidays Parties- These events usually must be attended in cocktails dresses and suits attire to fit with the special occasion theme.
  16. Workshops– On October 22nd, I attended the Anne Nurse workshops and had the pleasure to listen and watch Chef Karangis & Chef Keehner present their expertise to us. That today I had 3 full course meals for free!

Christine Delva NYT Summary

RE: French Cuisine in the Steak Country of Omaha

Omaha is known as the land of steak for French cooking at Le Bouillon located in the heart of the Old Market. The Le Bouillon Restaurant was opened in the district in December 2013. Le Bouillon offers a return to the great regional culinary heritage of France. In a lively, airy room that offers tables for groups of any size, Chef Paul Kulik presents his take on the comfort foods of rural France. Sourcing the best ingredients from local producers, set in an open, alluring space, Le Bouillon is sure to fit any occasion. The Old Market restaurant has been operating for more than 40 years. It was oringally fruit and vegetable warehouse that was converted into the Old Market. It was almost shutdown in the 1960, if it was not for Mr. Mercer. The building is now a family business and redecorated to the original look. The Old Market menu varies from many French regions such as: Aquitaine and Basque Country.  In Aquitaine is famous for the goose and duck fat, while Basque is famous for their seafood. These ingredients are located from Nebraska producers and restaurant flies food from the coast. Their beverage program begins with the belief that wine belongs on the table. Their wine list highlights France’s remarkable and moderately priced Vins de Table from magnificent producers in often overlooked areas. The bar hand-selects spirits and aperitifs to combine for a dynamic craft cocktail program. Whether cut from the Volano slicer, shucked from the raw bar, or pulled from the grill, Le Bouillon aims to demonstrate the delicious approachability of French comfort foods.

Christine Delva Chapter 12 Summary

Chapter Summary
The chapter describe how conventions are organized and what kind of people who attend. There are many different group of people known to stay at any hotels. The chapter describe what SMERF and MICE stands for and how the foundation came about. The exposition brings vendors of different department in one environment which they promote their product. When you are from a particular corporation such as: religious, educational or even military groups you have access to special offers. A business must keep in mind their customers satisfaction is the main goal to make the revenue. Convention centers are facilities owned by the government. Any events or meeting are allowed but which it must be properly presented. The destination management company helps with the needs of their guest just like a concierge of a hotel. The chapter also explains all the types of associations and their history within the society.
Key Words & Concepts
1)Association- Co-o-ra Credit Corporation is represented by a special type of association know as People Bank.
2)Convention- Marco was delegate to the Federal Constitution Convention of 1787 and support the New Jersey small state plan.
3)Convention Centers- This year 2015, the annual convention is being held Mazatlán Convention Center, next year it will be in Cancun.
4)Convention and Visitor Bureaus- The convention was reconvened on the 12th of February and the demand of Congress was comply to their satisfaction
5)Exposition- Jack mastery exposition of its method is this most important contribution to scientific progress.
6)Meeting Planner- Angela is the meeting planner for Pepsi Corporation and plan the convention every year down to very minute.
7)SMERF- Quality Inn Convention center is a full house with different participates from social, military, educational, religious or fraternal associations.
8)Meeting- Mr. Green has a meeting twice a month at Atwells Convention center.
9)Incentive Market- Large commission are powerful incentive for sales staff working in a to gain access.
10)MICE- Meetings, incentive travel, conventions and exhibitions is a type of tourism for large groups, a long time in advance for special occasions.
11)Familiarization Trip- My dad does cargo for a living. Since he travel back and forth to Haiti with American airline. He was giving familiarization trip pass to receive free or reduced price trips to anywhere he want. Continue reading

Christine Delva Chapter 11 Summary

Chapter Summary
Chapter 11 bases on all different aspect within the Casino industry which is rapidly changing in today’s world.Casino gaming and casino comprised of companies operating the largest segment of commercial gaming industry.The casino consists hospitality aspects towards the guest and opportunity to gamble your life away. Gambling is divide into two department: social gambling and mercantile gambling. The chapter also explains how to manage a resort and casino, what are expected to happen in the business and gambling is regulated by state and governments. The casino operation is run by the head manager, wins within the casino is split between you and hotel/resort you temporary staying at.

Key Words & Concepts

1)Baccarat- The Resort World Casino baccarat tables are located in quiet sequestered section of the resort.
2)Blackjack- Tania had bet a significant sum of chips at the blackjack table and lost everything.
3) Casino Resort- L’ Auberge Casino Resort offer full service non-stop Vegas style gaming with seventy tables games and sixteen hundred slot machines.
4)Comp- Every year I celebrate my birthday at this Club Lounge spot. The owners usually provide me with comp tickets depending on the party package I choose to take for my birthday celebration.
5)Gambling- The sheriff ran happy Jack out from the table saying he was cheating but I think he was just a better at gambling then the others.
6) Hold Percentage-Melissa is playing blackjack she buys $200 in chips. She lose $30 in bets and the hold percentage for the casino.
7)Poker- Dominique and his brothers play poker almost every Friday night to see who will do the chores on Saturday.
8)Roulette-Nancy and Cindy played the game Russian roulette to see who has the best luck.
9)Wins-If a player declaring Jason wins he received double stakes all round. If he loses he only pay single stake all rounds.
10)Craps-Mr. Banks would have a good run at the craps tables and was high on his good fortune.
11). Handle- The daily average at the Cesar Hotel is typically millions of dollars. When a bet is placed the handle increase by the amount of the bet. The handle is not affected at all.

Christine Delva NYT Summary

Resort and Hotel News: A Spa in Ireland, An Inn in the Catskills October 27th , 2015

Its is a very modern that hotels are perfect for honeymoons in todays world. From castles and stately homes to heavenly havens that have no television or no wifi. Yet the price for the night at the resort or hotel are funeral expensive would not attract your guest. When staying in a Resort or Hotel must always have experience outcome. The people look forward for the generous views over the lakes and garden combine with fine dining, luxurious room and great atmosphere in the bar at night combined with a good old fashioned hospitality. These are things we need to know if you are planning or are on a trip. Promoting your hotel or resort spa is an ongoing task which can result In successful returns as long as you keep tee he focus on both the spa and hotel/resort. The methods for a job to promote and keep the experience to the momentum in the marketing and advertising ideas coming. Your guest deserves to experience cross promote such as the spas which the hotel and resort will share the passion to make it happen for the guest. In the article the guest state the resort and hotel of Ireland is one of the best place (if not the best) to have peaceful holiday. On top of the nice architecture and landscape of the hotel, the excellent service of the staff keep you relaxed all the time. Staff was the best trained staff and very courteous. This all matters in a hotel and resort business.

Christine Delva – NYT Summary

Date: November 10th, 2015

RE: Will Airport Security Accept Your Driver’s License, NYT November 5th, 2015

Adult passengers 18 and over must show valid identification at the airport checkpoint in order to travel. Driver’s licenses or other state photo identity cards issued by Department of Motor Vehicles or equivalent. There’s plenty of confusion about whether your standard-issue driver’s license will get you through security checks at the airport for much longer. The Department of Homeland Security this past week denied Washington state an extension from complying with tougher federal standards — part of the 2005 federal REAL ID Act — that require proof of legal U.S. residency in order for state driver’s licenses and ID cards to be valid for federal purposes, including, eventually, boarding commercial flights. In the article, the feds offered a three-month grace period before the current temporary extension expires. The Homeland Security had granted the state an extension through October, 10. If that’s the date of starting then it ended January,10. This is happen in many states including New York in order to comply but American Samoa and Minnesota have yet to make effort to comply. The department plans to announce the schedule for any changes to air-travel requirements by the end of the year, and will ensure that state governments and the traveling public are notified in advance of implementation. Are we different from other states in how we issue our driver’s licenses? Yes. Washington and New Mexico are the only states that issue standard driver’s licenses without proof of legal residency, one of the REAL ID stipulations for state-issued ID that can be used at airports and federal facilities. But we’re by no means alone in being out of compliance with REAL ID requirements. Sermonti says some 24 states still issue driver’s licenses that are not compliant, which might mean the license doesn’t incorporate special security features, or the agencies don’t conduct required employee-background checks or any of many detailed criteria.



Christine Delva – Chapter 10 Summary

Chapter Summary

Chapter 10 focus on the different types of recreations which allow people to have time on restoring, resting and relax their mind and bodies. There are recreational activities such as museums, theaters and amusement parks that the public views and entertains around the United States. In today’s world the government is increasing facilities to provide more things for the community to utilize. In addition, the chapter explains and expresses all historic places, museums, and many more places where members gather for social, recreational, professional or fraternal reason. National parks are preserve land for the public and has historical honor such as: the Walt Disney world, the Magic Kingdom, the Universal Studios and many more.

Key Words & Concept

1)City Clubs- Majority of city clubs are 21 and older to enter the club and party.
2)Club Management- Club Management are required to have a liquor license in order to sell or service liquor at their club.
3)National Park- Virginia Beach and Kings Dominion are the two famous national park in Virginia, New York.
4)Commercial Recreation-Every year a group of my friends and I always plan a trips to attempt to visit all commercial recreations, at twice a month during so we can enjoy each and everyone of them.
5)Recreation Management- Hans has his degree in recreation management which he can either start his own business or be a manager at a commercial recreation facility.
6)National Park Service-National Park Service provides protection and safety resources for the people in order to have safe environment.
7)Theme Park- Sesame Street Place is a well known theme parks for families to take their children during the summer.
8)Country Clubs- Terry decide he wanted to be in an elite environment, he join one of the first country clubs in his town.
9)Heritage Tourism-Leah truly enjoyed herself during the heritage tourism. She was able to learn and explore the different landmarks in her neighborhood where she grew up.
10)National Register of Historic Places- Travelers or Tourists are advice to use the National Register of Historic Places to know all of the most popular places to visit in the states.
11)Volunteer Organization- Sonia is trying get a merit for school and she is required to community service.. She decide to sign at volunteer organization named The Boys and Girls Club.
12)Recreation for Special Population-Timothy is an autistic 10 year old, he requires special recreation that carters to his needs.
13)Government Sponsored Recreation-Government is allowed to raised tax on income, property and sales taxes where recreation services are provided.
14)Transient Occupancy Taxes- Brenda went to California for a family reunion. She had to stay at hotel, she was unaware the charges for her stay would be expensive due to TOT.
15)Leisure- Workers are entitle to leisure time especially if they work more than five per shift in the state of New York City.
16)Noncommercial Recreation- Carter and his fellow soldiers donated money to an mentoring charity. They often volunteer their services on special holidays.