Christine Delva Chapter 13 Summary

Chapter Summary-

Chapter thirteen illustrate all the aspect that should or need to be done in special events. In the industry special events plays a major part and stands for an image. It also explains and express roles are played in these events planning. The world needs more professional events planners and managers and their process to planning events to make a difference in the industry. It provides you as the customer information, ideas and direction you can use in planning events and how to go about it. In the chapter also show many different organization that’s specializes in specific events.

Key Words & Concepts

  1. Charity Balls– After Haiti tragetic earthquake many groups and organization gather as one to have a charity ball to help the country.
  2. Conventions-The conference center has been booked for a huge trade convention next March in the Downtown Hotel.
  3. Coordination– The Red Cross is trying to coordinate relief efforts aimed at aiding the victims of Sunday’s earthquake.
  4. Corporate Seminars– Billy works for a large multinational corporation which deals in computer technology. Our hockey team is looking for a corporate seminar to sponsor and help us make the payment of costs.
  5. Corporate Events-In 1976, the Lockheed Aircraft Corporation admitted it had bribed senior government officials in the Netherlands, Japan, Sweden and Italy.
  6. Event Planner -The Boston Marathon is the world’s oldest annual marathon and ranks as one of the world’s most prestigious road racing events. The Boston Athletic Association manages this American classic, which is sponsored by John Hancock Financial Services.
  7. Event Planning-Significant life event planning for special occasion can introduce a great deal of stress into a person’s life.
  8. Fair and Festivals– During the Classical period of ancient Greece, women went outside the house mainly for religious purposes or to attend fair and festivals which were restricted to women.
  9. International Special Events Society-The Charity chosen for our December 3rd, 2015 ISES event will be the “The Hope Warming Center” located in Pontiac Michigan were you come jingle and mingle.
  10. International Festival & Events Association– It founded in 1956 as the Festival Manager’s Association, the International Festivals & Events Association (IFEA) today is the Premiere Professionals Worldwide and has partnership with global affiliates under the umbrellas of IFEA Africa, IFEA Asia, IFEA Australia / New Zealand, IFEA Europe, IFEA Latin America, IFEA Middle East, and IFEA North America, the organization’s common vision is for “A Globally United Industry”.
  11. Meeting Professional International-By 1972, the organization provides innovative and relevant education, networking opportunities and business exchanges, and acts as a prominent voice for the promotion and growth of the industry which it is known as MPI. It was the largest and most vibrant global meeting group.
  12. Social Function– James has often attended social functions at which the Clintons were present, which led them to be guests at his last wedding in 2005.
  13. Special Events Industry-An event can be defined as any public gathering of people for a purpose. The events industry can be divided into three main sectors, based along content lines such as: sports, meeting/conference or culinary arts
  14. Trade Show– Our firm had prepared long and hard for the trade show, and we were fully confident our showing would be making headlines the next day.
  15. Wedding and Holidays Parties- These events usually must be attended in cocktails dresses and suits attire to fit with the special occasion theme.
  16. Workshops– On October 22nd, I attended the Anne Nurse workshops and had the pleasure to listen and watch Chef Karangis & Chef Keehner present their expertise to us. That today I had 3 full course meals for free!

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