Noemi Mendez Chapter #14 “Leadership and Management” Summary

This chapter talked about the different of been a leadership and management in the culinary art industry. According to the writer a leader is someone who are follows and influences people to do the right things in an organization. On the other side, be a management is more a difficult job and its combine with leadership because the managers of an organization need to coordinate, organize, motivate and control work activities for the organization to meet to the goal that was established at the foundation of the organization.

Key Words and Concepts:

Communication – Example – Physical, verbal interaction with the intent to relay emotion or description. When one person waves to another person. When someone speaks to another.

Controlling – Example – When one person does not allow another to complete a want or need or desire.

Decision Making – Example: When one person or a group of people come to a common thought or idea.

Effectiveness – Example: When someone works in an intelligent or exemplary manner to achieve a goal.

Efficiency – Example: When someone completes a task in a timely fashion and does it intelligently.

EthicsExample – When a person or a group of people create a practice that is an example of correct behavior.

Frontline Managers – Example: A manager that handles the responsibilities first before anyone else.

Human Resources and Motivating– Example: A person who is responsible for the care and practices for a group of people membered to a group.

Leader/Manager – Example – A person who is in charge for a group of 2 or more people in a group associated together for a common practice.

Leadership – Example – When a person takes the first step in being responsible in making a difficult decision first.

Management – Example – A good management it also a good leader that people love to follows.

Managing – Example – Managing an organization is not an easy job for a manager.

Middle Manager – Example – The middle management always supervise employees in an organization and is responsible of developing different strategic for an organization to be successful in the industry.

Organizing – Example – Organization the schedule off CUNY employees is not an easy task to perform.

Planning – Example – Planning is an important component for an organization to be successful.

Top Managers – Example – The CEO is an example of top managers.

Transactional Leadership – Example – The couch of the baseball teams is an example of transactional leadership.

Transformational Leadership – Example – The president Obama Barack is an example of transformational leadership.



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