Carlos Amaro – Chapter 11 Summary

In the following chapter, titled Gaming Entertainment, the author delves into the highly lucrative casino gaming industry. The text begins by informing the reader of the increasing global prominence of the the casino industry and the unique way it combines gambling with a traditional hospitality experience. The text then goes to delineate the particular relationship between a casino and the other department of a resort operation. Here the author reaffirms the centrality of the gambling to these enterprises, and how guest service is oriented towards facilitating the aforementioned gambling. In addition, the chapter explains the way in which these operations, in contrast to most hospitality operations, provide their guest with a wide variety of complementary goods and services.These things are referred to as comps, and casinos typically use them to reward and incentivize gambling by the guest. This unusual yet highly successful business model is one of the primary distinctions between casinos and their traditional hospitality counterparts. Later, the text turns its focus to the strict legal parameters regarding the gaming operations. As a result of a fairly illicit history, gaming operations must adhere to onerous state regulatory regimes. Despite these restraints, modern gaming operators have come to rely and appreciate these mandates. They came to provide a secure and sustainable framework from which the industry could flourish. The chapter concludes by noting the increasing trend towards non-gaming revenue, and this exemplified by the increasing prominence of live entertainment in many casino resort establishments.

Key Terms

1.Baccarat- Jim won the game of baccarat because he had the hand closest to a total of nine.

2.Blackjack- Twenty-one is to blackjack what the number nine is to baccarat.

3.Casino resort- At a casino resort, a guest can retire to their room after a night of gambling.

4.Comp- Margaret was given a comp of an extra free night after she spent a thousand dollars  in the casino last night.

3.Craps-Without dice we can’t play craps.

4.Gambling- Something is only gambling if the potential outcome is unknown.

5.Handle- A 10,000 dollar bet on a game of blackjack is a decent handle by any casino’s standards.

6.Hold percentage- A casino would like a hold percentage as close to hundred as possible.

7.Poker- Bluffing is fundamental to any good poker strategy.

8.Roulette- Any game of roulette involves a numbered wheel and a ball.

9. Win- A casino would love a win that is identical to the handle of a game.


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