Christine Delva NYT Summary

Resort and Hotel News: A Spa in Ireland, An Inn in the Catskills October 27th , 2015

Its is a very modern that hotels are perfect for honeymoons in todays world. From castles and stately homes to heavenly havens that have no television or no wifi. Yet the price for the night at the resort or hotel are funeral expensive would not attract your guest. When staying in a Resort or Hotel must always have experience outcome. The people look forward for the generous views over the lakes and garden combine with fine dining, luxurious room and great atmosphere in the bar at night combined with a good old fashioned hospitality. These are things we need to know if you are planning or are on a trip. Promoting your hotel or resort spa is an ongoing task which can result In successful returns as long as you keep tee he focus on both the spa and hotel/resort. The methods for a job to promote and keep the experience to the momentum in the marketing and advertising ideas coming. Your guest deserves to experience cross promote such as the spas which the hotel and resort will share the passion to make it happen for the guest. In the article the guest state the resort and hotel of Ireland is one of the best place (if not the best) to have peaceful holiday. On top of the nice architecture and landscape of the hotel, the excellent service of the staff keep you relaxed all the time. Staff was the best trained staff and very courteous. This all matters in a hotel and resort business.

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