Christine Delva Chapter 12 Summary

Chapter Summary
The chapter describe how conventions are organized and what kind of people who attend. There are many different group of people known to stay at any hotels. The chapter describe what SMERF and MICE stands for and how the foundation came about. The exposition brings vendors of different department in one environment which they promote their product. When you are from a particular corporation such as: religious, educational or even military groups you have access to special offers. A business must keep in mind their customers satisfaction is the main goal to make the revenue. Convention centers are facilities owned by the government. Any events or meeting are allowed but which it must be properly presented. The destination management company helps with the needs of their guest just like a concierge of a hotel. The chapter also explains all the types of associations and their history within the society.
Key Words & Concepts
1)Association- Co-o-ra Credit Corporation is represented by a special type of association know as People Bank.
2)Convention- Marco was delegate to the Federal Constitution Convention of 1787 and support the New Jersey small state plan.
3)Convention Centers- This year 2015, the annual convention is being held Mazatlán Convention Center, next year it will be in Cancun.
4)Convention and Visitor Bureaus- The convention was reconvened on the 12th of February and the demand of Congress was comply to their satisfaction
5)Exposition- Jack mastery exposition of its method is this most important contribution to scientific progress.
6)Meeting Planner- Angela is the meeting planner for Pepsi Corporation and plan the convention every year down to very minute.
7)SMERF- Quality Inn Convention center is a full house with different participates from social, military, educational, religious or fraternal associations.
8)Meeting- Mr. Green has a meeting twice a month at Atwells Convention center.
9)Incentive Market- Large commission are powerful incentive for sales staff working in a to gain access.
10)MICE- Meetings, incentive travel, conventions and exhibitions is a type of tourism for large groups, a long time in advance for special occasions.
11)Familiarization Trip- My dad does cargo for a living. Since he travel back and forth to Haiti with American airline. He was giving familiarization trip pass to receive free or reduced price trips to anywhere he want.

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