Deven Guerrero- NYT travel assignment

In this weeks New York Times article, “Cruise News: Culinary Sailings, French Polynesian,” by Elaine Gusac discusses the idea of fine dining and sailing by Windstar Cruises. In 2016, they aim to own 3 culinary based cruises in partnership with head chefs whom have won the James Beard award. The trips include an eight-day cruise around southern Spain , Morocco, stops in Lisbon, Granada, Ibiza, Tangier and Barcelona. The price for this experience is 2,499$. Moving forward, The innovators plan on expanding within the spectrum of fine dining and sailing.

After gaining this information, i’ve been excited and looking forward to attending this attraction. Although it’s a lot of money to attend, i think this is a perfect vacation for the biggest food lover. This idea may create more vacation ideas revolving the culinary world.


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