Christine Delva NYT Summary

RE: French Cuisine in the Steak Country of Omaha

Omaha is known as the land of steak for French cooking at Le Bouillon located in the heart of the Old Market. The Le Bouillon Restaurant was opened in the district in December 2013. Le Bouillon offers a return to the great regional culinary heritage of France. In a lively, airy room that offers tables for groups of any size, Chef Paul Kulik presents his take on the comfort foods of rural France. Sourcing the best ingredients from local producers, set in an open, alluring space, Le Bouillon is sure to fit any occasion. The Old Market restaurant has been operating for more than 40 years. It was oringally fruit and vegetable warehouse that was converted into the Old Market. It was almost shutdown in the 1960, if it was not for Mr. Mercer. The building is now a family business and redecorated to the original look. The Old Market menu varies from many French regions such as: Aquitaine and Basque Country.  In Aquitaine is famous for the goose and duck fat, while Basque is famous for their seafood. These ingredients are located from Nebraska producers and restaurant flies food from the coast. Their beverage program begins with the belief that wine belongs on the table. Their wine list highlights France’s remarkable and moderately priced Vins de Table from magnificent producers in often overlooked areas. The bar hand-selects spirits and aperitifs to combine for a dynamic craft cocktail program. Whether cut from the Volano slicer, shucked from the raw bar, or pulled from the grill, Le Bouillon aims to demonstrate the delicious approachability of French comfort foods.

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