Christine Delva – Chapter 10 Summary

Chapter Summary

Chapter 10 focus on the different types of recreations which allow people to have time on restoring, resting and relax their mind and bodies. There are recreational activities such as museums, theaters and amusement parks that the public views and entertains around the United States. In today’s world the government is increasing facilities to provide more things for the community to utilize. In addition, the chapter explains and expresses all historic places, museums, and many more places where members gather for social, recreational, professional or fraternal reason. National parks are preserve land for the public and has historical honor such as: the Walt Disney world, the Magic Kingdom, the Universal Studios and many more.

Key Words & Concept

1)City Clubs- Majority of city clubs are 21 and older to enter the club and party.
2)Club Management- Club Management are required to have a liquor license in order to sell or service liquor at their club.
3)National Park- Virginia Beach and Kings Dominion are the two famous national park in Virginia, New York.
4)Commercial Recreation-Every year a group of my friends and I always plan a trips to attempt to visit all commercial recreations, at twice a month during so we can enjoy each and everyone of them.
5)Recreation Management- Hans has his degree in recreation management which he can either start his own business or be a manager at a commercial recreation facility.
6)National Park Service-National Park Service provides protection and safety resources for the people in order to have safe environment.
7)Theme Park- Sesame Street Place is a well known theme parks for families to take their children during the summer.
8)Country Clubs- Terry decide he wanted to be in an elite environment, he join one of the first country clubs in his town.
9)Heritage Tourism-Leah truly enjoyed herself during the heritage tourism. She was able to learn and explore the different landmarks in her neighborhood where she grew up.
10)National Register of Historic Places- Travelers or Tourists are advice to use the National Register of Historic Places to know all of the most popular places to visit in the states.
11)Volunteer Organization- Sonia is trying get a merit for school and she is required to community service.. She decide to sign at volunteer organization named The Boys and Girls Club.
12)Recreation for Special Population-Timothy is an autistic 10 year old, he requires special recreation that carters to his needs.
13)Government Sponsored Recreation-Government is allowed to raised tax on income, property and sales taxes where recreation services are provided.
14)Transient Occupancy Taxes- Brenda went to California for a family reunion. She had to stay at hotel, she was unaware the charges for her stay would be expensive due to TOT.
15)Leisure- Workers are entitle to leisure time especially if they work more than five per shift in the state of New York City.
16)Noncommercial Recreation- Carter and his fellow soldiers donated money to an mentoring charity. They often volunteer their services on special holidays.

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