Jazmin Rodriguez – N.Y. Times Travel Section Assignment

How to Upgrade Your Thanksgiving Road Trip

By Stephanie Rosenbloom

This article is great for those who opted to drive or just do not have the funds for flying, a better and almost stress free commute. I would have never thought of making coffee, nevertheless espresso, from your car without stopping for refills.  All you need is to plug it to the cigarette lighter plug; the cost of the espresso machine is $199.99. A portable stove to heat up precooked or frozen food for everyone for just $33.06. It even suggest a see-through organizer to keep all items from bouncing all over the car. It has 10 storage pockets for books and toys on the outside and it costs $40. For those that wants to nap, there is a Trunk Travel Pillow, Hooded. The pillow rolls up into a hood for easy storage $39.95. Don’t forget to bring a blanket, Sheepskin was recommended. Sheepskin Wrap Car Seat Cover will cost you $189.99 but they also offered a more versatile and machine washable down blanket at $79.99 from Eddie Bauer. For entertainment you might appreciate travel board games with no loose pieces ranging from $12.99-$19.99 from Melissa & Dough. And let’s not forget to help power-up the gadget with a PowerCup Inverter, which looks like a coffee cup and lets you charge through your car’s outlet for $27.08. For those quiet moments where a headphones are required, the Bose, around your ear Wireless for just $279.95 per person. If you are planning to travel about 15 times a year, it would be cost efficient, $939.99 (if only purchased 1 headphone) but most families don’t travel so much in that given time so it isn’t as cheap as the article stated but it does give me food for thought.

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