Christine Delva Chapter 11 Summary

Chapter Summary
Chapter 11 bases on all different aspect within the Casino industry which is rapidly changing in today’s world.Casino gaming and casino comprised of companies operating the largest segment of commercial gaming industry.The casino consists hospitality aspects towards the guest and opportunity to gamble your life away. Gambling is divide into two department: social gambling and mercantile gambling. The chapter also explains how to manage a resort and casino, what are expected to happen in the business and gambling is regulated by state and governments. The casino operation is run by the head manager, wins within the casino is split between you and hotel/resort you temporary staying at.

Key Words & Concepts

1)Baccarat- The Resort World Casino baccarat tables are located in quiet sequestered section of the resort.
2)Blackjack- Tania had bet a significant sum of chips at the blackjack table and lost everything.
3) Casino Resort- L’ Auberge Casino Resort offer full service non-stop Vegas style gaming with seventy tables games and sixteen hundred slot machines.
4)Comp- Every year I celebrate my birthday at this Club Lounge spot. The owners usually provide me with comp tickets depending on the party package I choose to take for my birthday celebration.
5)Gambling- The sheriff ran happy Jack out from the table saying he was cheating but I think he was just a better at gambling then the others.
6) Hold Percentage-Melissa is playing blackjack she buys $200 in chips. She lose $30 in bets and the hold percentage for the casino.
7)Poker- Dominique and his brothers play poker almost every Friday night to see who will do the chores on Saturday.
8)Roulette-Nancy and Cindy played the game Russian roulette to see who has the best luck.
9)Wins-If a player declaring Jason wins he received double stakes all round. If he loses he only pay single stake all rounds.
10)Craps-Mr. Banks would have a good run at the craps tables and was high on his good fortune.
11). Handle- The daily average at the Cesar Hotel is typically millions of dollars. When a bet is placed the handle increase by the amount of the bet. The handle is not affected at all.

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