Noemi Mendez Chapter #13 “Special Events”

This chapter talked about the special events and the process that are involved in the development of special events in the hospitality industry. There are five steps in the event planning process, these steps are research, design, planning, coordination and evaluation. Another topic that was discuss in this chapter are the different kinds of position that are involved in planning an event. Some of these position are event planners, event management, and human resource management. Also the writer talked about the classifications of special events that are corporate, association, charity balls/fundraising, social functions, fairs/festivals, concerts/sporting, and the mega events. In addition the writer discuss the challenges, the skills and abilities that are required to complete the task of special events. To finalize the chapter, the writer talked about the job market and the trends of special events.

Key Words and Concepts:

Charity balls – Example – The charity ball dinner was able to raised one million dollars for children with cancer.

Conventions – Example – The directors of CUNY need to attend every year to local or international conventions.

Coordination– Example: For an event to be successful, it require a lots of coordination in decision making while the event is in process.

Corporate events – Example: Workshop and training meeting are examples of corporate events.

Event planner Example – I need to contract an event planner, when I decide to get marry with my fiancé in church.

Event planning – Example: The event planning is a career path that is growing in the hospitality industry and it is responsible in planning any social events from the beginning of the events to end.

Fairs and festivals – Example: My family love to attend and participate in fair and festivals.

International Festival & Events Association (IFEA) – Example – Is an organizations that provide ideas on how to sponsor a special events and be able to network with other business around the world.

International Special Events Society (ISES) – Example: Is an organization that promote international special events in society.

Meetings Professionals International (MPI) – Example: Are international meeting that empower education development in professionals careers for business to growth.

Social functions – Example: Wedding and engagements parties are examples of social functions.

Special events industry – Example: The event planner need to employs different organization to meet a broad range of services for an event to be successful.

Trade Shows – Example: The agriculture industry love to perform trade shows to promote or introduce their products to society.

Weddings and holiday parties – Example: Wedding and holiday parties are the most popular social events that are perform between families and friends.

Workshops – Example: CUNY love to offer educational workshop to their employees.



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