Noemi Mendez – N. Y. Time Travel Section Assignment

This article “Economic Fallout of Paris Attacks Hits Hotels Hard” by Doreen Carvajal published in the travel section of the New York Times talked about how terrorist attacks always has a negative impact to the economics of a country after terrorisms occurred. It is so sad, how terrorists decided to end the life of 129 innocents people in Paris, just for patriotist hatred of a country. Like the one that we passed on September 11 with the Twins Towers in city of New York. Where innocents people also died due to terrorisms, affecting the social economist of a country and the families that was left behind. Also the writer specified that Paris is one of the world’s favorite travel destinations for tourists to visits due to be considered the city of love, where romances flout around the city. On the negative side, the writer stated that there was more than 200 planned events cancellations around the city. Some of these cancelations are related with business, government conferences, festival and international tourists. With the continuations of false threat around the city, the hotels occupancy and restaurants rate has decreased by a 40%, the department store sales has decreased by a 50% and the cancellations of wealthy clients has cancelled luxury hotels reservations due to security issues. But, the hotels industry haven’t lost their hope and they are waiting with anxious that the economic boom again because Paris is considered to be an international symbol of love and celebration of life. I also believe that the economic in Paris will flourish again but it will take time like us in the United States. However, the emotional impact that was left to families with the dead of their lovers in the terrorists attack, it’s a scar that will never cured or forget from generation to generation.



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