Welcome to our last class of the semester!



FINAL In-Class Review


Courtesy of David, here are two links for Photoshop Museum Mockups and official City Tech logos.Ā 


  • FINAL DUE 5/23Ā 
    1. ThreeĀ poster panels
    2. Reader Rail
    3. ElevationsĀ and/orĀ rendered images of a situated space in CityTech with your pop-up exhibit within.Ā 
    4. Three Directional Messages:Ā directingĀ people to locationsĀ from 3 places on campus. This should includedĀ 6-7 pictograms/ symbols that relate toĀ theĀ space and your exhibit (included in the directional messages)
    5. Collection of all pieces should be designed in presentation booklet and should be saved as a PDF into the folder titledĀ >>Assignment 11 ā€“ FinalPresentationBookletĀ (But if you have limited time I would rather you focus your energy on items 1-4)
  • Nigel Homeā€™s Readings >> Week 11 Agenda
  • QUIZ extended the deadline DUE 5/23 >>QUIZ HERE