Set type in a large scale and see it in an open environment. Special attention should be placed on the importance of kerning letterforms in a large scale.


  1. Looking through many typefaces, select those you like and set them in type 12 pt type on 11″ x 8″ paper.
  2. Choose a from one of your selected typefaces to use as a header typeface that feels right for your exhibit. Set it in the name of your exhibit, horizontally onto a 36” x 24” artboard in Illustrator. Set up your guides 2” apart and set your word within, at a two (2″) inch cap height.
Example of Exercise

3. Then increase the same title four times to an eight (8″) inch cap height. Depending on your title you may need to increase the artboard in width width.

4. Once complete print out your work. You will have to tile your printouts and piece them together.

5. Class collectively evaluate type.


Print out and save into class DropBox Folder: >>Assignment 5-Exercise Setting Type Large Format