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Select a historical event. Gather, organize and assess related content. Please respond to the following prompts:

  1. Topic and Title
  2. List (at least 5) online (re)sources
  3. Compose a one paragraph thesis statement highlighting the focus of your exhibit. The thesis statement should be very focused – what is the ‘take-away’ of your exhibit?
  4. Organize your ‘story’ into three parts that support your thesis and give context to it. Think beginning, middle and end. This can include background information, facts about the subject matter, current state of the problem.
  5. Organize content from your topic into a timeline consisting of at least ten items. Your goal is to create a graphic representation expressing your data in a relationally based time frame. The duration and the related events are to be determined at your discretion. You might also include a map as part of your design solution.
  6. Find 10 facts (the content of your timeline) that support your thesis (include citation from where you find your fact).
  7. Begin to develop a long list of words associated with you topic. At least 20 words. Think pictogram and ideogram.


12/14/22 Please submit as a Word document or a PDF, with your name to this folder in the class >>Dropbox Folder