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Guiding the public visually in the built and natural environment


To situate your pop exhibit within a space on campus and develop a wayfinding system to promote and direct visitors to it.

Summary of Assignments

  • >>Assignment 9: Finding Your Way: Sign Audit and Wayfinding Analysis (Scavenger Hunt)
  • Assignment 10: Three Directional Messages: freestanding sign mock-up that directs people to location
  • Assignment 11: Informational Messages: family of 6-7 pictograms/ symbols related to both the space and your exhibit (for visitors of – define who they are and their needs)
  • Assignment 12 Final project: Comprehensive sign system that includes
    1. vocabulary of 6 pictograms/ symbols,
    2. typography,
    3. color scheme,
    4. a location plan with the exhibition title
    5. mock-ups of 3 directional messages within space
    6. 1 outdoor signage with exhibit title.  
  • All components should be included in the final Professional Presentation Booklet.  Your solution will be presented in scale model form (actual or digital)


  • Consider the ground plane.
  • Look up (you may need to take pictures from a distance)
  • Lighting
  • Sequence of elements

The Design

  • Must be typographic and symbolic
  • May have photographic elements
  • Must interact or conversely react to spaces and components of the building