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Discover >> Define >> Develop >> Deliver

Step 1 Define Thesis

(Three sentences max)

  • What’s the core message?
  • What’s the main question being answered?
  • Who is your audience?

Step 2 Research

Find relevant references and inspiration materials. This should include possibilities for exhibition imagery. Will you be generating this content? Do you need to use existing materials?

  • Create a folder on your main hard drive and give it the name of the project
  • Within this folder create a folder titled ‘research.’ Save all related research materials into this folder
  • Create a text document. Copy and paste all related links to where you have gathered content from
  • Save a clean copy of your data and content
  • Keep track of your work. Save edited versions under new name.
    Ex: ‘ContentHitchings-V1.doc,’ ‘ContentHitchings-V2.doc’
  • Keep careful records of your sources

Step 3 Develop Exhibition Narrative

Create a ‘Content’ Word document. Organize your topic into 3 main categories (think three posters/ panels). Use bulleted lists to organize details for each section. Research and gather appropriate content to support these sections and your thesis. Keep a careful record of all your sources.

Step 4 Organize Research

Create a Mindmap and a Moodboard. Organize research and being to visualize ideas in these spaces. (See Lecture 3 for details >>Week 3 Lecture: The Creative Process)

Step 5 Design

(First rough draft of):

  1. The Professional Presentation Book in InDesign
  2. Exhibition Title and Logo
  3. Type Choices – Carefully select (no more than 2) typefaces you would like to work with for your project. Do your research and show your research. Study the typefaces available to you in the FONT folder on the computers in class. Choose two different typefaces that compliment each other, perhaps a serif and a sans serif. Try to choose typefaces that come with a large variety of of fonts: Light, Condensed, Heavy, Extended, etc.
  4. Color Scheme



Save the following as Jepgs or PDFs into a folder with your name and upload to the class Dropbox folder titled: >>Assignment 3-Creative Process Presentations

  1. Thesis sentence
  2. Brain Map (should detail scope and how you plan to structure the exhibit)
  3. Mood Board
  4. Exhibition Identity Development
    • Logo sketches at least 10, 3 refined versions
    • Type choices
    • Color scheme
    • Beginnings of the Professional Presentation Book